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Penn State food lab launches Allinfoodz podcast featuring food narratives

Most people think about food frequently during any given day.”
— Amit Sharma, assoc. prof., hosp. mgmt., dir., Food Decisions Research Lab.
UNIVERSITY PARK, PENNSYLVANIA, USA, March 7, 2017 / -- Food sustains life and is central in cultures around the world. Now, food is the focal point of a new podcast series developed by the Food Decisions Research Laboratory ( ) at Penn State and facilitators are seeking contributors from the community at large.

To listen to the Allinfoodz podcast series and be part of the conversation, visit:
. To register to share your personal story about food, email Amit Sharma at .

Each episode of Allinfoodz is a first-person account of how food has impacted the narrator’s life. Undergraduate students, graduate students, the director of the School of Hospitality Management, the dean of the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State and other members of the Penn State community have already shared personal food-related stories as part of a larger dialogue about food.

The series covers a variety of food-related topics, that in totality begins to answer one core question: How do we choose what to eat, where, with whom, and when?

“Most people think about food frequently during any given day. There are often underlying reasons that might drive how we think of food, and therefore how we make our food choices and decisions,” said Amit Sharma, associate professor of hospitality management and director of the Food Decisions Research Laboratory at Penn State.

“The mission of Allinfoodz is to share our values connected to food and showcase what we think about food, so that we may learn about food choices and decisions from each other, in an open-minded and thoughtful manner, respectful of everyone regardless of our backgrounds,” Sharma said.

Allinfoodz provides a space for anyone to share with others varied and all-inclusive food stories, narratives and experiences. The podcast series and website document and share food stories, community events around food talk, and expert evidence from research in food decisions.

“All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion," ( ) is an ongoing University-wide initiative for bringing students, faculty and staff together to show their commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment and inspiring action and conversations.

Jackie Golas
Penn State School of Hospitality Management
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