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Delaware Integrative Medicine now offering Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments

Dr. Henry Childers has been certified in the PRP Life Lift for implementation at his integrative medicine practice in Delaware.

GEORGETOWN, DELAWARE, USA, February 25, 2017 / -- Over the past several years, many research studies have validated the benefits of PRP therapies as a treatment for a variety of different types of indications. One area of significant focus for Dr. Childers is in addressing pain management. He believes more patients will choose PRP therapy for chronic pain as awareness of the procedure and its numerous benefits increase.

Dr. Henry Childers stated, "We want people to feel good as they age and live healthier, more active lifestyles." PRP therapy, provides a natural and convenient alternative for soft tissue repair than costly and more invasive surgical procedures. PRP injections have become increasingly popular over the last few years, particularly with professional athletes who turn to the procedure for sports injuries.
Famous athletes such as Brian Urlacher, Alex Rodriguez, Kobe Bryant, and Tiger Woods have utilized these protocols to alleviate hip pain, knee sprains, tennis elbow, rotator cuff shoulder injuries, and a range of other problems. Many elite athletes have attributed their ability to swiftly recover and get back to playing quickly to having PRP injections. Platelet activation plays a vital role in wound and soft tissue healing. When platelets are activated, they release growth factors and other healing capabilities that accelerate tissue regeneration. This is why PRP Therapy is an exciting and ideal modality in the treatment of sports injuries.

In addition to serving as a natural alternative to surgery, PRP therapy provides patients with a range of benefits. "Because PRP is autologous meaning it is derived from the patient's own blood, there is zero risk of adverse side effects," added Dr. Childers. Since the treatment uses your own plasma to activate and accelerate the body's healing cascade, treatment times last no more than an hour and require little to no downtime. "Most patients are in and out of the office and back at work within an hour," Childers continued.
Bruce Bertman CEO of Zizion Group who supplied the equipment to Delaware Integrative Medicine said, “Dr. Childers is that rare physician who is incredibly smart, a good businessman and truly does whatever is in the patient’s best interest. He is constantly researching the most efficacious solutions to help his patients deal with a myriad of issues. He does not just add a new treatment, he seeks to understand all aspects of it prior to implementation, we are very excited to have him part of our Physician Partner Network.”

About Dr. Childers and Delaware Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Henry Childers is a board certified General and Cardiothoracic Surgeon with advanced certifications in both Ozone Therapy and Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). Dr. Childers is a proud fellow of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy, and he serves as co-investigator on the Health and Human Services Institutional Review Board Ozone efficacy research study. If you or someone you know could benefit from PRP injections, contact Delaware Integrative Medicine at 302-258-8853 for additional information or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Childers or go to:

About Zizion Group
Zizion is a Medical Device Distributor with a focus on natural integrative therapies. The company offers wholesale PRP kits, centrifuge units, Amnion products, Allografts such as Umbilical Tissue and Wharton’s Jelly, ADSC (Adipose Derived Stem Cell) systems that utilize SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction), training and support to physicians throughout the world. Contact: Bruce Bertman or visit or

Dr. Henry Childers
Delaware Integrative Medicine
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