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Live crowdfunding - Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Our Own Eternity: Soap Opera Web-Series for Teens

Rachaud Smith is bringing his teen soap opera web-series, Our Own Eternity, to Indiegogo crowdfunding with a campaign to support his Dallas-based storyline.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 17, 2017 / -- Our Own Eternity, the Teen Soap Opera Web Series

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that teenagers have been a staple of dramatic and comedic entertainment for a long time. Teens have played it for laughs in television situation comedies beginning with the exploits of the Cleaver kids in Leave it to Beaver; Mean Girls is as much a demographic as it is a teen film, and viewers of Teen Mom know the highs and lows of Farrah, Maci and Catelynn as they raised their children in front of the camera. Combine love and lust with a little angst and acne and you’ve got the makings of teen drama. If you’re Rachaud Smith, you’ve found a way to mine that drama by creating a soap opera web series, Our Own Eternity, that takes the century-old storytelling tradition and gives it the ultimate update to a teen soap opera web series.

Creativity and Crowdfunding for Our Own Eternity

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Our Own Eternity is seeking $18,000 from backers but Rachaud Smith has already invested a considerable amount of planning into the series. His dining room and bedroom were the creative incubators for Our Own Eternity. He’s already done casting to fill some of the parts for this story of teenagers who are on a journey of explanation to discover their own identities in a world fraught with peril for young people who are enticed by temptations. Bringing the characters and their stories to life engrossed Smith during the writing process and now that the writing has accomplished its goals, he’s intent on beginning production for the story. He’s even looking into awards for which Our Own Eternity could compete.

Our Own Eternity’s Crowdfunding Campaign

The $18,000 that the crowdfunding campaign has set for its goal will pay for the first season of the soap opera’s production. Of that amount, $14,050 will pay the soap opera’s cast and crew. Writer/Director Smith will receive $2000. Filming equipment will take $600. Sets for the houses and apartments will be rented through Airbnb at a cost of $600. The remaining $750 will fund the award and advertising fees.

Link to the crowdfunding campaign:

Our Own Eternity Continues the Soap Opera Tradition

Soap operas have been entertaining audiences since the days of radio, where loyal and steadfast audiences thrilled to the ongoing exploits of the characters who came into their living rooms. Those familiar characters became even more integrated into the family when soap operas became standard fare for the then-new medium of television. Programs like The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, and General Hospital—remember Luke and Laura?—blazed a trail of TV viewership that is legendary. Smith’s goals are for Our Own Eternity to achieve that kind of success, but he’s also hoping that it will equal the success of another teen soap opera, Degrassi. Television audiences are big, but thanks to the series website and YouTube, Our Own Eternity’s potential viewers number in the billions.

Our Own Eternity Boosts Homegrown Talent

It’s fitting Our Own Eternity takes place in Dallas. Who can forget the cliffhanging suspense of the prime-time soap opera, Dallas, which featured the grinning villainy of J.R. Ewing and the suspense of “Who Shot J.R.?” Everything is bigger in Texas, right? That explains why Smith’s project will greatly benefit the Dallas drama scene, providing area locals the opportunity to ply their craft in front of a bigger audience. Smith credits the Internet with leveling the playing field for program awards; no longer will Los Angeles- and New York City-based programming gobble up all of the trophies. Smith is proud of his project’s potential for giving Dallas actors a chance to excel and make their mark on the acting world. “The Internet now gives us an opportunity to help deserving talent come up from anywhere.”

About Our Own Eternity

To Rachaud Smith, engagement is the name of the game in crowdfunding and he’s counting on Indiegogo and his own previous crowdfunding campaign experience to bring a teen soap web-series to public attention. Smith, confident that soap operas will continue to be a mainstay of popular entertainment, wants to introduce viewers and crowdfunding backers to the next great soap opera, Our Own Eternity.

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