The Winter Exedition Summary

A Bigfoot burial cave, documented migratory path, number of sightings increase.

Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. (OTCMKTS:BGFT)

REDWOOD CITY, CA, UNITED STATES, November 14, 2016 / -- The Searching For Bigfoot Expedition Team, (SFBET), has wrapped up its Fall / Winter Expeditions attempting to document a suspected migratory route for the creatures, commonly known as “BIGFOOT”, from the colder areas, down through the warmer areas of Arkansas, Oklahoma and even into Texas.
The number of reported sightings has significantly increased this year and the senior members of the team have devoted many hours sorting through the reports to determine which ones were to be investigated. On the trip from California to Montana, the team made many stops and investigated many reported sightings of an elusive being known as BIGFOOT Pictures and film clips of creatures have been submitted by individuals and families that are asking the team to come out and help them to understand what they are experiencing.
The team investigated selected eye witness reports supported by footprints, thermal images, and even digital films. The investigations allowed the team to gather and document various types of evidence. The expedition which began in California, eventually found it’s way into the wilds of Montana where they found evidence of Bigfoot Burial Grounds.
While in Montana, Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. was able to draft and establish an agreement to begin construction of a luxury hotel and entertainment center inside the famous East Glacier Park itself. The luxurious hotel will include a Bigfoot Museum, and an Entertainment Center presenting Live shows, while giving you close access to three famous national parks. This area is just one of the "Bigfoot Alley" areas that has been a suspected migratory path for Sasquatch.
The team had a few incidents during their investigation that lead them to believe they had located more than one of the migratory paths used by the creatures. One of the notable incidents was the locating of structures in the form of branches twisted and weaved into arches for what seemed like rain shelter. The structures reached heights of up to nine and ten feet and were most likely sturdy enough to last the harshest of winters.
Another similar was found in a thick stand of bamboo. Where the bamboo was thick, and difficult to move through, hunters stumbled across some kind of structure. A clearing had been made in the bamboo, roughly ten square feet, and almost perfectly square in shape. The bamboo had been twisted and weaved into itself all around them, creating a sort of structure, several feet high.
He showed many of his friends and family, but was no closer to an explanation. He knew he needed to call in professionals. The team answered the call and documented the evidence.
The many reports and the locations of those reports tend to help illustrate the pattern of migration that the “Godfather of Bigfoot Research”, Tom Biscardi, has observed over his forty-plus years of research.
Look forward to BPII being featured on Fox Business News the show "New To The Street" will feature our business in December.
If you, or anyone else you know has a sighting or experience you can’t explain…. WHO YOU GONNA CALL???

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