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Tech Experts at KDG and CUPRAP'S Higher Education PR Professionals Collaborate Once Again on New Website

KDG teamed up with CUPRAP to design a new website that makes the important work the nonprofit does much easier.

We found the Kyle David be creative, thoughtful, and patient.
— Anders R. Back, President of CUPRAP
ALLENTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2016 / -- For the second time in eight years the College and University Public Relations and Associated Professionals, or CUPRAP, has partnered with leading tech provider KDG. The higher ed web design experts at KDG helped the returning client redevelop and redesign a new website for its organization, which is nearly 350 members strong.

“We are so pleased that CUPRAP asked us to do another project for them,” says KDG CEO Kyle David. “The fact that they remembered us even eight years after our last project together says a lot about our company’s ability to build a strong bond with and provide a positive experience for our clients.”

CUPRAP’s hundreds of members work at various institutions throughout the mid-Atlantic region. As a result, the growth of the organization depends on regular online interaction.

“The site needed to be refreshed to provide options for joining CUPRAP, learning about its offerings, registering for events, and keeping in touch with other members’ activities,” says President of CUPRAP, Anders R. Back.

Both CUPRAP and KDG realized that technology changes substantially over the course of eight years. As a result, before starting the development of the project, the opinions and suggestions of the men and women using CUPRAP’s website every single day were sought. All CUPRAP members were sent surveys and polls in which they outlined the most important web features they believed the new site should have. Topping the list were features such as updated events and recent CUPRAP news. Implementing the features members of CUPRAP both wanted and needed ensured that their experience with the site would be a positive one.

The team at KDG, who have spent over fifteen years in nonprofit website design, was focused on making the job CURPRAP members do easier so they had more time to make a difference in the world of higher education. KDG introduced CUPRAP to MembershipWorks, a data management software, in order to lessen a great majority of the workload.

Before MembershipWorks, much of the membership data CUPRAP officials gathered had to be done manually. There were constant email reminders that had to be created in regards to collecting membership dues and notifying members of late payments. Forms were needed to register for various events. Throughout every step of the membership process, forms, payments, and data were gathered. CURPRAP needed a way to make this process not only easier for the members in charge of it, but also more organized.

“The process CUPRAP had previously used to manage membership data was very archaic,” explains Matt Harwick, UI/UX design lead at KDG. “There was a form process that created a lot of extra work. We turned to MembershipWorks to make that process simpler and more organized.”

With the new software, all membership data and news can be stored in one place and managed digitally. Collecting and processing payments is now easier and more efficient. Event registrations are now simpler. CUPRAP even has a way to manage and categorize their membership lists.

In another effort to improve usability, the new site was also optimized for mobile. Those using a cell phone or tablet were unable to access CUPRAP’s old site. Since roughly 70% of adults use a smartphone, CUPRAP was missing a sizeable amount of possible web traffic. By ensuring that the new site worked and looked well on mobile, KDG helped CUPRAP expand its audience.

“We found the Kyle David team led by Matt Harwick to be creative, thoughtful, and patient with our needs as a specialized professional organization with a diverse multi-state membership,” explains Back.

A lot may change in eight years, but the positive partnership between KDG and CUPRAP has not. To learn more about KDG’s CUPRAP design project, see the company’s exclusive case study at

About KDG: KDG (formerly the Kyle David Group) is a leading provider of web development for higher education. With over 15 years of experience in using technology to help education clients improve enrollment, campus climate, and alumni participation, KDG has developed a reputation for being able to see and respond proactively to changing markets. Most recently, KDG won wide acclaim for developing unique and engaging inbound marketing for higher education crowdfunding campaigns. Learn more at

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