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New Furniture Quote Generator Introduced by Formaspace

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The new Formaspace Quote Generator is in action! Formaspace innovates to make ordering business furniture simple.

We’ve put a lot of effort in creating this new feature for our website. We’d like thank our clients who gave us invaluable feedback as we have been developing it.
— Formaspace
AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2016 / -- It’s time to shine some light on one of FORMASPACE’s latest innovations in business furniture.

No, we’re not introducing a new line of workstations… at least not today. Instead, we’re introducing a brand new way to get a quote for your business furniture.

Starting now, you can get a quote on price, delivery times, and installation for our line of laboratory furniture, industrial workbenches and computer workstations by answering just a few questions — using the upgraded Get Quote Page on our website.

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So, you may ask, what’s the big deal about a new “Get Quote” tool on our website?
The answer is Formaspace offers an enormous range of products and options for you to choose from in our standard and modified business furniture product lines.

Thousands of clients depend upon Formaspace to give them accurate quotes for business furniture prices, delivery times, and installation costs. So we’ve turned to computer user interface experts to help us translate our 30 years of experience in working with clients to create a modern, user-friendly online tool.

Behind the scenes, the ‘Get a Quote’ system uses a ‘predictive user experience’ to not only streamline the questioning process but also reduce the time it takes for us to give you accurate pricing and delivery times.

Busy professionals can get a quote for business furniture faster than ever.
A lot of thought and testing has gone into our new quote system. When you use the new tool, you’ll only have to answer the questions that are relevant to the product you’re interested in.

And here on our side, this new streamlined process will allow us to provide you with a quote on price and delivery times faster than ever — during business hours we can often provide you with a response within minutes.

Why not give it a try yourself?

First you want to navigate to the Get Quote page.

On the first screen, you’ll be asked what kind of business furniture you are interested in — and the quantity.

There are four categories: Laboratory Workbench, Industrial Workbench, Computer Workstation and Fully Custom Design furniture.

If you’re interested in getting a quote on our standard line of laboratory furniture, industrial workbenches and computer workstations, click the appropriate option and then choose the “Next” button at the bottom of the screen.

If you choose one of the first three categories, you’ll specify step-by-step the materials, colors and features for your furniture as described in the steps below.

(If you choose Fully Custom Design, you will be asked to describe your project and provide your contact information so one of our dedicated Design Consultants can contact you to work out the details with you directly.)

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Tailor your business furniture to fit your task.
We’re on the second to last step already: customizing your furniture with additional accessories.

Most of our clients take advantage of our accessories that make your workspace more organized and efficient.

The options include monitor arms to support computer monitors, built-in power strips and cable management systems to organize your electric wires and cables, keyboard trays to hide the keyboard when not in use, as well as a bracket to support your computer CPU case and keep it off the floor.

Putting it all together: Submit your contact information to get a quote
Now comes the fun part. On the next screen you provide us with your contact information, desired delivery date, and installation needs so that we can respond with an accurate quote.

Submit your request.

What happens now?
Your request will be instantly routed to your dedicated Formaspace Design Consultant (DC) who will review your request for accuracy and provide you with a quote for your business furniture by email or phone. They may also share any questions or suggestions they may have to improve your project. During working hours, we are able to respond to your request within minutes.

If you have any special requests, be sure to make them known to your Design Consultant.

Why not try the Get Quote feature today?
We’ve put a lot of effort in creating this new feature for our website. We’d like thank our clients who gave us invaluable feedback as we have been developing it.

It’s all part of our mission here at Formaspace to provide you with innovative furniture and services that will make your life easier — starting from the simple and efficient ordering process, to the moment you install and use your new furniture, to the many years to come that you’ll appreciate and depend on it. And we expect you to use our rugged furniture for a very long time — don’t forget we guarantee it for a full 12 years, including labor.

Visit Get Quote page and check it out for yourself.

Mehmet Atesoglu
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