HavServe Funds Summer Camp for Haiti's Children, Announces a New Board of Directors with Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde as CEO

Girls learning at HavServe Summer Camp

Volunteer-based nonprofit HavServe announced its 11-member 2016 Board of Directors, including Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde and Founder/Chairperson Carline Brice.

Jewel combines a strong work ethic with a high level of professional integrity and a deep commitment to improving the lives of others.”
— Carline Brice

SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Summertime is traditionally a time for children to relax a bit from their busy school schedules, play with friends, and go to summer camp if you have the privilege. This summer in Haiti, the HavServe Volunteer Service Network (HavServe) made hundreds of children's Summer Camp dreams come true in the remote village of LeBrun. Earlier this year, the nonprofit organization held its annual gala to fund raise for the camp, organized dozens of volunteers, engaged corporate partners for product donations, and initiated a new, 11-member Board of Directors to further founder Carline Brice's vision for the HavServe Summer Camp, where children could play, learn, and be fed nutritious meals daily.

Brice is the organization's Founder/Chairperson, and she has engaged the dynamic leadership of Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde , who continues as CEO/Executive Director. Bazilio-Bellegarde is a results-driven professional with a track record of success in formulating innovative learning solutions to help build and strengthen individual and organizational capacity. Throughout a diverse and rewarding career, Jewel has been instrumental in the development of effective organizations, the management of successful domestic and international programs, and the empowerment of people from diverse backgrounds through education, training, leadership development, and the creation of innovative solutions according to needs. For more than the past two decades, she has played important roles on leadership teams of the Office of Training and Capacity Development of the U.S. Department of Health’s Resources and Services Administration (HRSA); and the Office of Leadership Development and Training, the Office of Strategy and Special Initiatives, and the Department of Evaluation and Effective Practices of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) – the federal agency dedicated to providing opportunities for Americans to give back to their communities through volunteering. For her complete biography,and those of additional Board Members, please visit http://havserve.org/blog-post/announcement-havserve-executive-director/

Many of HavServe's leadership team spend time volunteering in both the U.S. and Haiti. In December 2012, Bazilio-Bellegarde and her husband, Serge Bellegarde, were instrumental in launching a grassroots fundraising effort to help Team HavServe build the Nan Sable Community School in rural Haiti. She accepted the volunteer position of HavServe CEO the following year, in July 2013. Under Jewel’s leadership and guidance, HavServe continues to make real its conviction that volunteering benefits both individual volunteers and the communities they serve by strengthening trust, solidarity, cooperation, and reciprocity; and by creating opportunities for individuals to realize their potential to shape the direction of their lives and their communities. Fluent in four languages and with undergraduate and graduate degrees from Georgetown University and Columbia University in New York, Bazilio-Bellegarde is eager to continue working as a part of Team HavServe to grow the organization and to advance its goals.

The 2016 HavServe Board of Directors includes the following professionals:
- Carline Brice, Founder, Chairperson
- Ambassador Bocchit Edmond, Advisor/Vice Chair
-Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde, Executive Director
- Rose Lord, Secretary
- Ernest Mesidor, Treasurer, Director of Accounting
- Remy Mesilus, Director of Projects Management
- Serge Bellegarde, Senior Advisor
- Chris Wright, Senior Advisor
- Gisela Vergara, Director of Development and Corporate Partnerships
- Sandra Fathi, Director of Donor Relations and Gifts-in-Kind
- Beth Ann Hilton, Director of Marketing and Communications

In addition to uplifting Haiti's children at Summer Camp and throughout the year, HavServe also conducts Women’s Empowerment workshops in Haiti to help local women start and run their own business through HavServe’s micro-lending program.

Individuals or corporations interested in learning more about HavServe, its programs and partnerships, are encouraged to contact Jewel Bazilio-Bellegarde at Jewel_Bazilio_Bellegarde@havserve.org or BethAnnHilton@HavServe.org

About HavServe:
HavServe’s Mission in Haiti is to utilize volunteers to strive to embrace the United Nations MDGs and SDGs in small towns and villages through community-led development and by empowering villagers with the education, training, and basic services necessary for them to play an ever-increasing role in determining their own future. HavServe aims to facilitate knowledge transfer between global volunteers and villagers in isolated communities in order to effect lasting, sustainable development. The name HavServe, comes from the understanding that if you have, you serve. If you have time, you serve. If you have compassion, you serve. If you have resources, you serve. If you have knowledge, you serve. www.havserve.org

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