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Stellenbosch University's research proves anti-stress properties of TrimesemineTM, a mesembrine-rich Sceletium extract.

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This validation represents the work of 15 years and we are proud to be in a position to offer a new natural and dynamic solution for the millions of sufferers of stress and non-clinical depression
— Richard Davies
SOMERSET WEST, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, March 10, 2016 / -- New research conducted on high mesembrine containing Sceletium tortuosum by Stellenbosch University and San Jorge University in Zargoza, Spain in collaboration with Botanical Research Holdings (BRH) has strongly validated the claims for the use of this indigenous resource as a natural stress reliever and anti-anxiety supplement.

In today’s frenetic environment, depressive and anxiety disorders have increasingly become the norm with stress-related illnesses rated among the most prevalent non-fatal diseases globally.
Major depressive disorder and anxiety disorders are also rated among the top ten causes of “years living with disability” in the 188 countries assessed in a study by Vos and GBD2013Collaborators (2015).

Sceletium has long been acknowledged as a stress reliever and as a mood enhancer, being used by the indigenous population of Southern Africa for hundreds of years and was introduced to Europeans as early as 1662.

This succulent herb indigenous to Southern Africa produces various alkaloids, with the most active commonly referred to as mesembrine-type alkaloids. Depending on formulations they are anxiolytic (stress relieving) and are also regarded as a cognitive enhancer (psycho-stimulant) on the chemical messengers of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin, known as the “happy” and “reward” neurotransmitters.

With the current consumer trend towards natural remedies, the interest in plant-based substances with proven potential has grown substantially. However, the multi-billion dollar natural products industry has been plagued over the years by an overuse of anecdotal evidence - with many of the claims made by company marketers having been proved to be misleading and often dishonest.

Research originating from an international collaboration between BRH, the Somerset West based company currently championing the use of Afro-botanicals, and the collaborative team of Professor Amanda Swart from University of Stellenbosch Department of Biochemistry's, Professor Carine Smith and Dirk Coetzee of Department of Physiological Science and Professor Víctor López of the San Jorge University in Zargoza, Spain has emphatically shown that the stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties of Trimesemine™, the high mesembrine Sceletium extract developed exclusively by BRH are not only valid but in fact could represent a significant breakthrough.

The research also indicates that the SSRI function of Sceletium is secondary to that of mono-amine release, and that it also inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol as well as decreases aldosterone production which can effectively lower blood pressure and other symptoms of stress and anxiety. Sceletium with a high-mesembrine profile inhibits the production of acetylcholinesterase resulting in a better quality sleep, as well as sustained attention (focus) and improved cognitive function.

Unlike alcohol, cannabis, opioids or the like, Sceletium has been shown not to cause any physical or mental harm, even at relatively high doses making it a preferred option for the increasingly health conscious consumer!

BRH, with its exclusive partner Verve Dynamics, have pioneered the extraction of high mesembrine Sceletium and markets it through their exclusive brand TriStill™ which is available at leading health stores locally and through their exclusive partners internationally. BRH welcomes the opportunity to interact with interested parties.


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