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Tantra Rumble, The Evolution of MOBA Games

PUNTA DEL ESTE, URUGUAY, November 10, 2014 / -- Tantra Rumble is a free MOBA game which is in development with GameOlic. The game is intended to be released on Windows, Mac, OsX, Linux, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Tantra Rumble mixes several different gaming concepts including action, RPG and strategy genres. This is also partly a trading card game.

As in most video games Tantra Rumble has a backstory. The game revolves around the fracture of Trimurti which broke an alliance between the gods and led to a war between them. This fracture also led to demonic entities known as Maras attacking the world. There are eight classes that play a role in this struggle. They are the powerful Banar which use area of effect damage and interruption effects, the strong Satya who act as tanky characters with taunting effects, the divine Abikara who deal huge elemental damage and the bloodthirsty Druka who deal high critical damage to single targets. The final four classes are the Karya who prefer ranged attacks, the Samabat who are powerful summoners, the heavenly Vidya who are great healing support characters and the martial art masters known as the Nakayuda.

There are many different gameplay choices and levels of difficulty which are currently being planned for this MOBA and TCG game. Gamers can play solo, with friends or with a clan. In all cases the game will feature balanced matchmaking. One of the many game modes is Dominion in which two teams of eight, one of each class, work to conquer four domains. Once each domain is conquered at least once, the center domain will become available. The winner is based on killing the center boss, gaining the most team points or having the most team kills and assists.

In addition to equipment options, Tantra Rumble has three different kinds of skills including attack skills, buff and debuff skills and special skills. Players can use four skills per character. Skills are gained by opening trading card packs, the rarity of packs increases the power of the skill. There will be physical versions of the cards available to purchase in stores for collectors. By using the mobile app, to be released for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile, players can access their profiles and assign physical cards to their account by scanning them. The mobile app also includes chat and news updates. The game will have full integration with Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

In order to facilitate the release of Tantra Rumble, there is a current Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign which will run until December 3rd. There are many crowdfunding rewards including:

• $5 – Access to close beta and virtual pack code
• $10 – Name added to the wall in game and previous rewards
• $15 – A mouse pad with Tantra art and previous rewards
• $20 – A physical card pack and previous rewards
• $100 – One access to close alpha, a 8gb Pen Drive with Tantra Rumble art design on skin and game installer, digital art of Tantra Rumble, sound track of Tantra Rumble and an action figure and previous rewards
• $200 – 50 Armita Potion Pack, limited edition cosmetic pet (baby tiger), in game title of Warrior and previous rewards
• $300 – 50 Tapas Potion Pack, 5 treasure chests, limited edition cosmetic pet (baby dragon), in game title of Solider and previous rewards
• $500 – A thank you letter from the CEO, in game title of Captain and previous rewards
• $1,000 – Get a sketch made by concept artists, founder name in game credits, create an idea for a cosmetic pet to be in the game release and get it exclusively, create a skill idea for new released cards with credits of your name added to the card, exclusive in game title of Marshall and previous rewards
• $2,000 – Create an idea for a cosmetic hat to be put in the game on release and get it exclusively, exclusive in game title of General and previous rewards
• $5,000 – Create idea for a new game mode and name it, exclusive in game title of Emperor and previous rewards
• $10,000 – Exclusive game title of founder and previous rewards
• $10,000 – Publisher rights to the game for either Brazil, Latin America including Spain, North America, Russia, Europe except Russia, Korea, China, Japan, the rest of Asia and the rest of the world. There are five rewards available per region. Subject to the rules listed on Kickstarter.

Rewards increase in number with higher funding amounts. Check the Kickstarter crowdfunding page for exact quantities at each pledge level.

Game developer GameOlic is currently in the development of a new MOBA game called Tantra Rumble. Tantra Rumble ( mixes elements of action and role playing. It is also a trading card game as the cards help build skills for each character and are collector’s items. There is a Kickstarter campaign on now to support the launch of this game.

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