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MOGICS Suite, Super Team for a Super Light

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2014 / -- Asa Lin, consultant for Product Development of Mogics, has initiated a brand new Kickstarter event for the Mogics Suite. Not content with the fantastic job they did in the spring with creating the three-mode original Mogics, her team has developed all kinds of improvements for these little lights.

Mogics lights are about the size of your average tea light, but they can do so very much more. The original Mogics had three lighting modes: standard light, flashing red, and breathable candlelight. Now, not only has the team added a steady red light as a fourth mode, but they have designed a full collection of accessorites – ranging from a new holder that allows users to attach the Mogics to useful places to elegant light holders that can be used as part of a table setting or as accents for gentle room lighting.

With the new accessories, Mogics can easily take the place of flashlights, bike lights, headlamps and even nightlights. First off, there is the improved holder that can be fastened to just about anything – a carabiner that can be clipped to a purse or back pack; a set of three types of adjustable velcros strips that can be fastened around the user’s head, arms, or wrists; , or a clip that can be slid onto bike holder or belt. This holder, combined with the accessories allow the lights to be used as an emergency light, bike head lamps or tail lights, lights for joggers who prefer to make their runs at dusk or even after dark, roadside emergency lights, or even hands-free illumination for auto and home repairs.

The two light-holder styles are Infinity and Ice Fire. Infinity is a tall, rectangular holder, reminiscent of a hurricane lamp. It sets on a rectangular base that can hold two Mogics. When used with the Ruby lights on candlelight mode, it ca be used as a table center-piece to set a romantic mood. Ice Fire is a more cube-like holder, and uses the amber lights. It is uniquely suited to being used as accent lighting in a hallway niche, on an end table or even a recessed shelf. Mogics are completely waterproof and can be safely floated in a bath, pool, or a glass for a unique decorating accent. If it is more desirable to sink them to the bottom of the container, simply hold the button, let them fill with water, and they will sink to the bottom, where they can serve as illumination.

Mogics are also economical to use. They are rechargeable using any USB port. That process is now even easier because the team developed a docking station that will accommodate three or four lights at a time. On standard lighting, a single charge will last about 10 hours, on flashing mode, about 30 hours and on candlelight about 20 hours.

The other members of Asa’s team are Ack Lin, the chief designer and Rex (Wen-sean Chen) who is the senior designer with engineering experience. The three met in 2013 to form Mogics. Ack has 20 years of design experience, Rex specializes in mechanical and industrial design. You can help this super team get their newest brainchild out to you and everyone else by contributing to their newest Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign. The rewards are as follows:

• $1.00 -- a happy thank you for supporting this versatile illumination tool.
• $9.00 -- Early Bird Specials – already gone.
• $12.00 -- one original 3-mode Mogics.
• $25.00 -- one Mogics accessory set.
• $39.00 -- one lovely Infinity light holder.
• $55.00 or more One Ice Fire light holder.

Note: Add $10.00 to all orders that will need to be shipped outside the US. The funding period for this Kickstarter is September 22, 2014 through October 27, 2014.

Just a reminder: if you admire a product, such as this one, but cannot contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, be sure to post it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media and talk it up among your friends. Word of mouth is still one of the very best advertising tools, so tell others about Mogics and encourage them to also spread the word about this unique product.

About: Mogics ( is the inspired brainchild of a team of three: Ack Lin, Asa Lin and Wen-sean Chen. They formed Mogics in 2013. Ack is the 2007 winner of the Red Dot Design Award. Rex (as Wen-sean Chen is known) has experience in test procedures geared to create factory efficiency.

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