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Wisdom Day is Coming! Just 59 days until Wisdom Day, Wednesday, October 02, 2013 (Gandhi’s Birthday).

Please indulge in wisdom every day and on Wisdom Day celebrate wisdom and spread the word that the whole society can be made wise.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ, USA, August 4, 2013 / -- Please consider becoming a wisdom activist. Make sure everyone of your loved ones knows that it is now possible for them to become wise and enjoy a pure life brimming with pure happiness.

Every single day take steps toward perfection. Make your self as perfect as humanly possible and spread perfection around you by making life wise for others. Let’s spread wisdom into all lives around the world.

It is well established that man becomes wise by old age. What happens is that the emotional baggage in the brain gradually gets ground out by the grinding wheel of reality. Reality chips away the phoniness from the self leaving the self wise and pure. Instead of waiting for experience over a long period of time to make one wise; why not intentionally and deliberately grind out the emotional baggage through brain therapy.

Please try out our very own route to wisdom:

1)A New Key to the Art of Living: Braintecness.. -

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Let’s start making the world wise from the bottom up and from the top down.

Email the following to your congressman. Share this with your friends and family.;_ylu=X3oDMTBybnZlZnRlBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMQRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkAw--/SIG=157kp62us/EXP=1375460840/**http%3a//

It is really astounding that the most essential and vital forces that shape every single human personality and determine the emotional intelligence of the human being are missing as topics of study in psychology text books.

Selflessness, wisdom, self image, pure self, mind and brain; especially the relationship between them all are the most essential elements of human knowledge that are not being researched or taught by main stream education.

It is about time our wisdom, psychology and education experts woke up to the need to start researching and teaching these ignored topics. If they have little clue of how to take up these topics, they can follow our lead and we can show them how we can teach wisdom.

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We have also developed 'Pure Happiness Seminars' and 'Self Image Therapy' etc.

The 4th R Foundation which is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

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