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Dear President Obama: Society is a Mess Because Our Wisdom Education is a Mess.

Having the knowledge of wisdom and being wise are two different realities.

RIDGEFIELD PARK, June 6, 2013 / -- Here is the latest from a leading wisdom expert: “As one general point, the concept of wisdom should envelop the concept of enlightenment; wisdom is the capacity to apply enlightenment to the challenges and goals of life.” - The Wisdom Page

Applying means making an effort. Wisdom is an effortless and innate part of being wise.It is the wisdom educated mind that applies enlightenment while the uneducated and physically unchanged brain continues to biochemically generate unwise behavior. It takes effort on the part of the mind to keep the unwise brain in check. It requires effort to act wisely. Wisdom is pure love, how does making an effort to love purely sound?

The way we currently teach wisdom is that the mind is exposed to and taught the knowledge of wisdom and so the mind knows wisdom. The question is how can one have the knowledge of wisdom and still be unwise? The answer lies in the very nature of the human mind and brain relationship.

The mind knowing wisdom does not mean that the brain is capable of biochemically projecting wisdom innately.It is the mind that knows wisdom through words and it is the brain that projects man into becoming wise biochemically.

In spite of all the so called progress in defining wisdom why is it still so hard for man to become wise. It is because we educate the mind while miseducating the brain. The mind works in words while the brain works in biochemical reactions. Thus when we teach wisdom through words the mind gets educated. The mind wants to behave wisely but the brain needs to be physically changed to biochemically project wisdom. So the mind makes efforts for the whole being to behave wisely but if the brain is physically unwise then it is like the mind is pushing an oxygen producing brain to produce nitrogen.

Making an effort to be wise and being innately wise are two different realities. Our wisdom experts are able to enable the wisdom student to be capable of knowing wise behavior by educating the mind on wisdom while leaving the brain unwise.

As Confucius said there are three ways to wisdom:

1) One is born wise.
This is the truly wise human being where wise behavior is effortless. Both the brain and mind are wise.

2) One can know the wisdom way and can act accordingly.
This is what our current wisdom education accomplishes. It does not make the wisdom student wise; it just enlightens the mind on wisdom while leaving the uneducated-on-wisdom brain unwise. Our wisdom experts wisdom education results can be seen all around us. Society is a mess because wisdom education is a mess.

3) One can become wise through experience.
What happens is that life experience gradually grinds out the ignorance from the brain; leaving the brain wise. What we are proposing is why not ensure that ignorance does not take root from infancy. In older students and adults who have ignorance/emotional-baggage we remove it through brain therapy. Why wait for old age to become wise, we must grind out the emotional baggage through brain therapy right away. Why not introduce wisdom/brain education and make the young/old brains and minds physically wise instead of just making the mind wise while leaving the brain unwise.

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Please Forward This Press Release to Your Senator, Congressman, Education Secretary and All Those Connected With Education Including Foreign Education Leaders Like Sheikha Moza and Queen Noor. Please Also Make Sure the President Reads This Press Release. Pleas Spread the Word That it is now up to our Leaders to fix the Mess in Education and in all Life.

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