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It is Amazing How Our Wisdom Experts Have Missed the Big Picture Regarding Wisdom!

/ Philosophers, Scientists and Religious Leaders, Great and Small; Have all Tried and Failed to Figure out Wisdom Simply Because They Have Failed to Correctly Decode the Bible.

The scriptures are dotted with hints to the very nature of wisdom. Somehow the clues to wisdom have been missed by our experts. Take for example the belief that man is born evil is understood as - man is born with a fixed unchangeable evil human nature. Thus it is taken for granted that there is nothing man can do to change one’s evil human nature. The best that man can do is to be able to control and manage the evil that is man. So governments keep enacting more and more laws to control the evil in society. Our education leaders have developed and are constantly researching the science of management to manage the evil in man.

All efforts of how to improve society revolve around the belief that the evil human nature of man is fixed. Yes indeed man is born evil! At birth the new born child considers itself as omnipotent and omnipresent. In other words it considers itself so very important that others have no significance to the extent that it alone is all there is. Those adults who are emotionally stuck at this premature -2 brain/mind level indeed manifest as dictators, tyrants, murderers etc.

Man is born evil is accepted. However when Jesus is saying, in fact 72 times, that he is the son of man and that man is like Jesus himself and that man must become like Jesus: no one pays any attention to man being capable of becoming the true son of man.

Man is evil at birth but the focus has to be on the right upbringing to ensure that the child must grow from totally selfish at birth to totally selfless by the age of six by which time human nature is more or less set.

No one is paying attention to the true nature of wisdom as described in the Bible... The bottom line on wisdom in the Bible is ignored again and again.

Here is an example:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. - Psalm 111:10

The Bible is clearly saying that the fear of the Lord is the ‘beginning’ of wisdom. All this means is that fear indeed is the first step towards accepting the Word of the Lord. Fear emphasizes the fact that if man does not trust and follow the Lord then there will be consequences.

Fearing the Lord has become the bottom line of wisdom; even though fear as the beginning of wisdom is mentioned just once while love and reverence is mentioned again and again. How can love and fear go hand in hand? How can one fear someone who one loves? Love involves complete faith and trust. Fear is an emotionally challenged emotion that generates emotionally challenged behavior. Wisdom has nothing to do with emotionally challenged behavior. Thus it is clear that fear is just the beginning of wisdom and it is the love of the Lord that is the bottom line of wisdom.

In fact the results of not understanding the true meaning of the Word of the Lord are obvious all around us; after all how can we manifest the Word of the Lord when we do not even understand the full truth behind the Word of the Lord. Our knowledge of the Bible is truly half baked and so our lives are lived partly powered by ignorance.

There are clues to a blissful life through perfect knowledge of the Bible that our experts have missed again and again...

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