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A Challenge to the Secretary of Education: Wisdom is Selflessness. Either Prove us Wrong or Take Action.

/ Most research on wisdom is stuck at and has stopped at trying to identify and define wisdom. The reason wisdom cannot be identified is because wisdom is the wealth of intelligence and just as wealth is nothing on its own, wisdom too is nothing on its own and it only exists in its attributes. All the attributes at closer examination reveal themselves as selflessness. The experts have understood selflessness as one of the attributes of wisdom. Selflessness is much more than just one of the attributes of wisdom; it is the very material that all the other attributes of wisdom are made from. Thus selflessness is not one of the ingredients of wisdom, selflessness is the one and only ingredient that generates wisdom. Selflessness is wisdom and it is the factor that transforms every attribute of wisdom into wisdom.

Selflessness is much more than being unselfish and having no concern for one's own self. Selflessness means/is having no selfish self identity. Selflessness is what Will Durant said about wisdom; selflessness is about seeing things in view of the whole; seeing one's own self as part of the whole. Where the self identity is merged in the group identity just like a drop of water is part of an ocean.

When there is no selfish self identity there is no jealousy, greed, fear of others, no desire to get ahead of the pack, no rivalry. There is common love and concern for one and all including one's own self. It is group love rather than self love and as love contains in itself respect, trust, sacrifice, confidence etc. one feels all the attributes of love toward one's own self as part of the whole. Loving one's own self becomes a reflection of loving everyone else.

Wisdom is selflessness that is expressed through a very unique and complex form of unselfish self identity. The self feels as part of the whole. The common belief that when one considers oneself as selfless means one considers one’s self as unimportant is wrong. There is a very powerful sense of being when one feels one’s self as selfless! The self importance generated by selflessness is more powerful than any self confidence one can have. One's own self confidence is tempered with the supreme confidence in one and all. Above all selflessness generates the pure self which is the key to a pure life and pure happiness.

Unlike wisdom which is just a cover word for its attributes, selflessness is real. It is a real character trait that can be identified, defined, measured, known, understood, cultivated and taught etc. It is about time our experts and education policy leaders woke up to the fact that it is selflessness that generates wisdom. The focus of researching wisdom must shift to researching selflessness and the efforts to develop wisdom education must shift to developing selflessness education.

We at the 4th R Foundation have a clear path to wisdom education. Wisdom education is selflessness education. Wisdom education is cultivating an unselfish self identity which boils down to educating the brain to be free of all emotional baggage.

We urge President Obama, Secretary Duncan, Bill Gates, President Clinton, Mayor Bloomberg, Senator McCain, Senator Kerry, Senator Lautenberg, Senator Menendez, the Google Bosses, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Sheikha Mozah, Meera Gandhi, Queen Noor and Mayor Booker etc. to focus on the ignored, neglected, misunderstood and even miseducated brain education.

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