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President Obama: Please do Not Repeat the Mistakes of Your First Term; Please Consider Real Education Reform.

/ President Obama What Are You Waiting For? There is Nothing Confusing About Wisdom Education Anymore. We at the 4th R Foundation have figured out the exact steps to making America wise. We are challenging you and your old school and ineffective education secretary to prove us wrong.

You have wasted your entire first term without bringing any education reform to where it is really needed. Why can't you and your experts get it; that you have to properly wire and rewire the emotionally challenged brains of the young and old respectively, in order to put an end to the emotionally challenged behavior that is the cause of all this mess in society.

Every time you give a speech, people love it and you love it; and nothing changes and nothing changes and yet again and again nothing changes and the mess continues...and the student debt keeps going up and we continue to produce emotionally challenged brains etc., etc. After listening to your speeches, those who pay taxes, go back to paying taxes and those who don't, don't.

Please wake up to the fact that you just cannot use the bully pulpit to make people act rationally. If you want to really change America then you have to introduce wisdom education which is brain therapy. You have to make them become rational by proper tuning/educating/re-tuning/reeducating the brain.

Current wisdom education does not work because it aims to just change one's opinion about one's self. Current wisdom education is like trying to persuade brass to consider itself as gold. It is not about changing the opinion of one's own self; because changing an opinion about someone else may work but it does not work for the self. It is about changing the very fundamental human nature of one's own self.

Consider how it is said that each person is a link in the chain of humanity where the chain is as strong as the weakest link. Now just imagine if each link was conscious; how it would feel about itself and others? It would feel responsible for the full chain and be concerned for everyone else. The feeling would be mutual all around. Every other link would be concerned for the weakest link as their own strength depends on it. If the other links could help strengthen the weaker link they would do it for their own good as they are all in it together and so are we. Every human being is vital to the strength of the whole and must feel as the whole world depends on its shoulders and that each is responsible for the other. With our wisdom/emotional-intelligence education this is how the massive majority will become.

Currently it is exactly like 80% of the links are for themselves, trying to cheat, weaken, rob and outwit the other links and so society on the whole is a mess. The only solution is to ensure that we educate the parents to ensure an emotionally super mature upbringing and educate the teachers to detect emotionally challenged brains from the infant student's level and to get them to start brain therapy for the emotionally challenged students from that early stage. We also need wisdom seminars on a massive scale for adults.

The clue to changing man into a wise human being is right there in our scriptures. Both the Buddha and Jesus are showing us how to create a wise society; by transforming man into becoming zero.

The common perception about Buddha's zero and Jesus' humbleness is that man must take his own self importance as nothing; that one must consider the self as insignificant, with no power whatsoever. Nothing can be further from the truth. What the Buddha and Jesus are really asking man is to become selfless. Selflessness is totally different from being insignificant and powerless.

Selflessness generates the power of a pure life. A selfless person does not feel helpless and insignificant; on the contrary the selfless person basks in pure confidence of total trust of others. A selfless person feels pure emotional happiness where a soothing current of pure pleasure seeps physically through the body; making the body physically and emotionally super healthy. Selflessness generates the pure self. The pure self is the very embodiment of pure love. Pure love basks in the total confidence of the beloved. It feels being the center of the lover's universe; savoring the pure goodness of pure peace. The biochemical effects of feelings of peace nourish the physical body putting the mind and brain at ease, full of pure wisdom. Imagine how a lover feels in the presence of his/her beloved; a selfless person has the same experience with everyone across the board; minus the physical attraction. Selflessness generates super mature emotional intelligence; the cure for the current mess in society.

Most of our man made problems are due to emotionally challenged brains. Imagine if we had brain/wisdom/emotional-intelligence education for youngsters and wisdom reeducation for adults that created happy, secure, comfortable and loving people that is people who are emotionally super healthy on a massive scale; what would America become? It will change America far beyond your own vision of bringing change to America.

So what are you waiting for? Are you going to continue having brain storming sessions to reform education by focusing on reforming the same old, same old formal education; while the mess is in informal education? We at the 4th R Foundation have figured out the exact cause of the mess in education and it is the ignored, neglected, misunderstood and even miseducated brain education.

Remember what Shakespeare said about Brutus, 'Nature might herself stand up and say, 'This was a man'. In the case of becoming zero/selfless Mother Nature himself expresses his perfection in creating 'the man'! Being zero is tasting, experiencing and living the life of a self master. Being zero simply means having an emotional baggage free brain. As being/becoming zero is very clear, self mastery is very clear. Self mastery education is education that removes the emotional baggage from the brain. Self mastery education is brain therapy that takes the sub-normal and normal brains and re-tunes them into super normal brains.

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