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How We Figured Out Wisdom From the Story of Adam and Eve.

/ How the Story of Adam and Eve is Showing Us What is Wisdom!

Adam and Eve are totally engrossed in living in the now. Their behavior is totally selfless, toward each other and toward others. There is not a worry in the world for their future and no regrets about the past. There is no fear, guilt, greed, lust for power or wealth. In effect there is no selfishness. They are living in pure happiness. They sleep soundly and they are free from restlessness and stress of any kind. Their brains and minds are emotionally and physically super healthy. Their minds effortlessly absorb reality and pass it on to the brain. The brain biochemically processes the mind's information just as it is. The is no emotional baggage in their brains to alter life understandings through prejudice. Their brains and minds accept the same truth of life. There is a total alignment between the brain and mind. What the mind figures out the brain effortlessly accepts. There is no brain, body and mind fatigue. There is no self image only the pure self. They are living all the attributes of wisdom effortlessly.

They have no emotional baggage and as a result their behavior is powered by their pure self and not by their emotional baggage created self image. It is very clear that original man was created wise. Original man did not have wisdom, original man was wisdom. Original man was his pure self and he was not his phony self image.

Adam and Eve start off with no self identity. And as long as they have no self identity they are living a life of bliss. Enters Satan and he introduces a phony self identity that alters their self image from being selfless to becoming selfish. At once how they experience and absorb life changes from wisdom to ignorance. Suddenly all the attributes of ignorance become their way of life. From unconscious selflessness to conscious selfishness becomes their way of life. Selfishness brings with it all its attributes; lust for power, greed, jealousy, anger, fear, worry, guilt, restlessness, impatience etc. From pure happiness to dejection and frustration become their way of life. Pretension and concealing their true feelings become them, they become deceitful and cheaters. From being wisdom they become ignorance.

The story of Adam and Eve is clearly showing us what is wisdom and how it is created. Wisdom is an innate property of the pure self. It is an essential ingredient for a pure life that contains having, experiencing and living all the attributes of wisdom. Wisdom is an integral part of the pure self. Wisdom is not about having wisdom; it is about being wisdom. It is clear that wisdom is the absence of a phony self image. Wisdom is the pure self.

How can we avoid any current infants and future children suffering the same ill fate and how can we restore unconscious selflessness in the older generation who now suffer from conscious selfishness.

Before Satan, Adam and Eve were living the attributes of an emotionally healthy life. Satan introduced emotional sickness by making the brain emotionally challenged. Satan introduced emotional baggage in the form of conscious selfishness. Man changed into ignorance from wisdom. We parents do the same with our children. We introduce all the elements of ignorance by transforming our child into a trophy self image.

The rules are clear for creating wisdom. Postpone self identity as much as possible. Let the child enjoy post natal life engrossed in emotional and physical pleasure as much as possible. Let the child live in the now. Let the answer to the most vital question,'Who am I' get set into the physical brain innately'. Let the self identity of the child build up through love, hugs and kisses. Through a healthy upbringing and not by introducing a phony self image of the child being the best. This nurturing behavior must continue till the child reaches the age of six as the self identity of the child is well set by age six. Let the child learn its self identity effortlessly and innately by experiencing life through a super mature emotionally healthy upbringing.

Man realized the importance of wisdom from the ancient times and has tried to figure out wisdom and even teach it. After all the research man has got no further than how Confucius described wisdom. Confucius described how wisdom can be learned in three ways:

1) Through studying.

All other giants of wisdom have tried to find ways to teach wisdom. Till today wisdom is being taught with little success. Wisdom education is frustratingly difficult because wisdom is an innate property of the pure self. Wisdom cannot be learned through teaching. Yes one can have the knowledge of wisdom but it will be like having the knowledge of what it is like to be a millionaire while remaining poor. After all what good is it to have the knowledge of what it means to be a millionaire while remaining poor. The aim is to become rich. It is the same with wisdom. Learning what is wisdom and what is wisdom behavior does not make one become wisdom. One needs to make wisdom an integral part of the self. The need is to change the phony self image into the pure self. It boils down to removing the emotional baggage from the brain. It means brain and mind therapy. It means wisdom education is self image therapy. It is not about teaching good behavior it is about liberating the pure self from the phony self image. It is about converting the conscious selfishness brain into a unconscious selflessness generating brain. It is clear that wisdom education is not at all about teaching wisdom it is about cleaning the brain of all emotional baggage.

2) Learning the wisdom way and following it.

The elders and political leaders have laid out laws of how to keep society as wise as possible. Every year hundreds of new laws are passed to improve life; to control emotionally challenged behavior. Yet not much changes. It is because it is like the laws are forcing brass to give up its brass properties and become gold. In terms of human life fortunately the emotionally challenged brain can be changed into an emotionally healthy brain. An ignorant brain can be transformed into a wisdom brain. The brain is also like the hardware of a computer; where its bugs that are in form of emotional baggage, can be removed and the brain can be fine wised up.

3) Acquiring wisdom through experience.

What happens is that the emotional baggage in the brain over a long period of time gets gradually ground out of the brain, leaving the brain with little or no emotional baggage. As a result the phony self image gradually gets less and less emotional baggage to feed on. The self image gets more and more starved and it eventually starves to death. What we are saying is why wait for decades of real life experiences to do the grinding out of the emotional baggage why not grind out the emotional baggage faster at the young age through self-image/brain/mind therapy?

It is clear that to create wisdom we need to ensure that we do not introduce a self identity for the new born for as long as humanly possible. Nurture the child to get absorbed in living in the now with little conscious self awareness. Remember introducing the child to a trophy self image is being worse than Satan to our own child. Let the child grow unconsciously into its naturally pure self without changing it into a phony self image.

The majority of children come to the class room with well set phony self images. We must train teachers to identify these children and start to work on removing the emotional baggage that causes this crisis.

For those older with emotional baggage we must introduce wisdom/brain/mind/self-image therapy.

We have an opportunity to purify our self and help others become pure too. Look at what we are missing now if we are our trophy self image.

Your pure self has an identity and it is at the unconscious level. It is an unconscious self image. An unconscious self awareness powered by the raw power of just being alive in a pure life powered by a pure self. An indescribable effortless pure confidence that comes from being a pure brain, mind and body.

Wisdom is effortlessly being unconsciously aware one's true worth in life. Wisdom is an effortless ability, an unconscious, innate and effortless awareness of one's own truth, one's own pureness, one's own actual reality. Of being unconsciously aware of being an equal of equals and as the best of the best. A vital and essential link in the chain of humanity. The greatest creation of Mother Nature. A powerful connection with Mother Nature with utter reverence for all creation. An effortless honesty, love, compassion, in fact all the attributes of wisdom powered by selflessness.

Of course we wouldn't be stuck on the findings of Confucius if only we would have decoded the true message of the Bible; Please google :

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"You cannot teach man to be selfless while his brain continues to generate selfishness powered by his emotionally challenged brain. It is like trying to persuade brass to become gold. Teaching a selfish brain to stop generating selfishness will never succeed. It is like trying to teach a nitrogen producing machine to produce oxygen." - Sajid Khan

Wisdom education is a failure because we introduce wisdom knowledge into an emotionally challenged brain. Wisdom education is about removing the trophy self image from the brain to make it emotionally healthy! In order to create wisdom all that is needed is to get rid of the phony self image and the pure self will emerge.

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