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Top 5 Problems to Avoid When Submitting a Press Release

Press release creation is no less than an examination session, where one needs to be careful and attentive. The facts and information you are sharing to the journalist and target audience must be well-presented to sustain the expectation of both.

One should not forget that this is a way to attract more customers and build audience, hence the content must be convincing. Competition is fierce and one needs to stand out with content and presentation.

So here I mention a few problems which should be strictly avoided when submitting a press release.

Weak title–

A well-written press release is of no value if the title is not catchy, attractive and informative. The title is an expression of your content, hence if not effectively written it can result in a failure of the release. Therefore, the title must be given as much importance as the content.

Avoid sharing media files through emails-

Media files such as video, PDFs or graphics can be large and if attached in an email, could choke an inbox and may land up in a junk folder. The result is wasted time and money. It is better to share large media files through Dropbox, Picasa etc. Don’t forget to state this in your email, otherwise the reader might miss it.

Avoid sending a bulk email blast-

Make it look personal by sending your press release to one publication at a time. This will act as being generous and conscious towards the company, giving a better impression to the reader. Include a summary or the body of the press release in the email directly. This will encourage the reader to take a quick look and also save their attachment download time. Don’t forget to include a website link to the press release.

Some publications also prefer press releases to be posted through their secured submission platform.

Don’t forget your contact information-

Believe it or not, some people don’t include specific contact information in their press releases. They may think that a link to their website is enough. A contact name including phone number and email address will add legitimacy and make the user trust your information. Most importantly, some news outlets will not publish releases that are missing contact details.

Ensure Detailed Information is easily available-

Work does not end with a successful press release. Journalists might have questions or even request an interview. If your content is worth a discussion, people may seek additional detailed information. Make sure your website can provide the next level of detail to satisfy readers. Absence of detailed information can give a negative impression, therefore it is important to be prepared with all the information before distributing your press release.
Avoiding these scenarios will make your press releases more convincing and attention grabbing. Once you are attentive by addressing these issues, you are all set to deliver a successful press release.

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