There were 1,094 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 468,501 in the last 365 days.

The Power of Press Release Submissions

Press releases have become one of the most effective means of promoting your product or service. Press release submissions have the power to turn the audience in your favor and generate a positive ‘word of mouth’ in the public. They promote your name in the market, which in turn can get higher traffic to your website and even improve the search rankings. This means higher productivity without incurring much cost.

Press release submissions that contain short and to the point information about your product or service can be very effective.

You can have a press release on the following:

1. Launching of a new product/service
2. Achieving a big milestone in the industry
3. Organizing a forum for discussing current trends in the industry
4. Sharing your experiences in the industry
5. Any invention or productive method by your best employees
6. Recruitment of a new employee
7. Highlighting the specific attributes of your product/service that differentiates it from your competitors

While it’s true that a press release submission may not get you onto the BBC, it can definitely get you noticed on Google news, Yahoo news or MSN news. You however, need to explain the key features of your product/service in simple and easy to understand language. You have to justify in a few words the value for money your product/service can provide to the customer. Never forget to mention your contact information in the press release. This will help journalists and potential customers contact you for any queries or insights into the product/service. Also provide a link to your company website so that people can view detailed information about the company’s products and services at your website. It will exhibit transparency of information which you have shared in your press release submission.

To take full advantage of your press release and get good online exposure, take note of a few points:

1. Publish it on your website
2. Promote the link through social media networking
3. Publish the same on your blog or fan page(if you have any)
4. Distribute it via a reputable press release distribution service
5. Share it with paid and free news sites to appear in news search engines

Regular press release submissions will increase your presence in the market and in time will increase the credibility of your company. A press release is necessary to create a buzz in the market about your product or service. A good press release is surely going to give you great online exposure especially if the link is shared on social media websites.

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