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Top 3 Press Release Trends to Follow in 2018

Top 3 press release trends that you must follow in 2018

Press release writing has seen a dramatic change in past few decades. The conventional layouts and formats have become obsolete and social media releases are in demand. In this age of information abundance, your press release has to be crisp and attractive so it enjoys a better chance of being read as compared to other dull releases. If you are still using the older formats, it’s high time you start following the latest trends to get more visibility. Here are some latest press release trends that you should start following as soon as possible.

Cut down the word count

Word count is no longer effective in making your press release worth reading. In fact, these days, people prefer just the basic facts without the fluff. A 2000-word press release will not seem lengthy if it is full of information that the reader will want to read. On the other hand a 500-word press release can be considered too long if it doesn’t have much worth reading. The conventional ‘what, who, where, how, why, and when’ are mandatory but writing them with the minimum amount of words is the latest trend you should follow to provide the maximum amount of information to journalists and readers without consuming a lot of their time.

Be more interactive

Just hiring a press release submission agency to get your news to float across the media will not help you achieve what you want. Press releases need to be more interactive. Sharing links, videos, pictures, etc. has been in practice for the past few years. Businesses also share links to their profile pages, their management’s profile pages, etc. They also contact the journalists through social media and answer their queries. The whole idea is to be more interactive so people genuinely start taking an interest in your business.

Write an SEO friendly press release

Sure press releases are meant for disseminating the information but, you can also use them to gain more importance among the online community. Press release distribution will be more effective when it is optimized for relevant keywords. An optimized press release will get better visibility in search engines and therefore, will have a better chance to be read. They will also help your business website rank better and can divert a lot of traffic towards it.

The keywords should be used genuinely and should not be stuffed. They should be used in the title, subtitle, first paragraph, and in the body. The anchor text that you use should be relevant to the page that you are linking to with the press release.

If you want to get the maximum out of your press release, you must start following these trends at the earliest.

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