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8 Ways to Effectively Optimize your Press Release for SEO

Search engine optimization has seen tremendous changes in the recent years. The SEO tricks of past years have become obsolete and are no longer effective. In fact they can seriously affect your ranking and can even have you considered as a fraudulent company. Therefore, you must use fair means of Search Engine Optimization for each and every online activity that you do including submitting press releases. Here are some tips know for creating an SEO-friendly press release.

• Never have pre-determined keywords for your press release and get them stuffed in your release in any way. People aren’t going to search your news on the basis of keywords. At first, determine the news or information that you want to announce and determine and find out the most relevant keywords on the basis of it. This way, your press release will sound genuine and relevant. You can use free and/or paid tools to find the most relevant keywords.

• Choose the most popular keyword phrase and weave it in your title in the most suitable way. Headline or title holds the most importance in search engines and having your keyword in it will certainly make it more searchable. Also, use the same keyword for hyperlinking as well as in the body.

• If possible, make sure your subheading also has a keyword or phrase.

• Hyperlinking is good but using it to excess can make your press release look like spam. Limit the numbers of hyperlinks you use and always incorporate the most appropriate keywords and phrases for hyperlinking to get a better click rate.

• Apart from written text, you must also use attention grabbing content such as images and videos for your press release. Search engines pick them up better then written text. All the content should be keyword optimized.

• Refrain from using abbreviations and shorter forms. They are not much likely to be found. For example; if you are providing customer relationship management software, do not use CRM software or words such as ‘this software’, ‘such solutions’, etc. Original words are more likely to be searched and found.

• It will be better if you could tactically place the anchor link in the first two paragraphs. This is because, the content that appears before the fold has more chances of being picked up by search engines than the ones that appear after the fold.

• While linking your page to the press release, make sure you optimize it.

These tips are sure to help you draft a SEO-friendly press release. Along with drafting, make sure you use a reliable press release distribution service so that it reaches maximum audience.

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