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4 Ways to Improve Your Press Release Submissions and SEO efforts

4 Ways to Improve Your Press Release Submissions and SEO efforts

In the instantaneous social media world, you might think that a press release has lost its relevance. However, this is mere assumptions of online marketing strategists. In the extensive search engine ruled world, a good press release distribution strategy can make the right noises and augment your brand’s reputation in the internet world.

To be more specific, SEO and PR go hand in hand. SEO’s main motive is to get your piece of content a place in the search engine. The main motive of press release is to generate public interest and introduce your company to the world. Therefore, SEO is a bridge that eases the PR’s passage into the consumer’s world. This makes it important to understand how to use backlinks and keywords in your copy to create a piece that your readers and search engines both will love and your company will thank you for the references it starts getting because of the good press release distribution project. Here is how your SEO efforts can be benefited from PR distribution.

#1 Choose the correct keywords:

You must be aware of the keywords that people will use for searching your domain or vertical. Do not ever make the mistake of choosing the keywords randomly or on what you think would be best. Use keyword research tools to help you choose the right words.

#2 Readability need not be given up:

New and inexperienced writers think that stuffing the keyword in the page is the right way to get attention of search engines. This is absolutely wrong. Keywords should be a tactic to get attention to a well written piece. It should not be the only thing written and constructed with loose sentences.

#3 Keywords placement:

It is important to know where you are placing the keywords. When they appear in the title of the PR, it increases the relevancy and makes the reader believe that this piece can have some information he is seeking. It might not be the exact piece he is looking for but he sure will scan the entire text once to effectively read your piece. To make sure that this tactic doe not backfire, write a good copy which advertises you in the right light and persuades the reader to contact you.

#4 Keyword density does not hold true anymore:

Keyword density is an old tactic and with the new Google updates like Hummingbird, their relevance is sure to go down. The only thing that will hold it’s value in the near future is how well a PR is written and on which channels it is distributed.

Now, when you know the benefits and the tactics, go create amazing PRs and distribute them even better to generate the best publicity you ever desired.

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