There were 377 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 391,766 in the last 365 days.

Benefits Of Press Release Distribution Services

Press releases or PRs are engaging, human friendly pieces of content on the World Wide Web that any serious marketer cannot afford to ignore. The releases offer direct benefits of brand awareness and interest generation in the web community. People use internet to stay updated about the recent developments in the world, a country, a brand, or even a service. Press releases are the best way to market yourself directly after you have built a great website. SEO cannot be emphasized enough and having regular, search engine optimized press release distribution service campaign will help you raise your trustworthiness and build your reputation. Further it is also a great way to share the recent development within your company with your customers, prospective customers, and even generic audience.

Press releases are the way to market yourself as serious contenders in the web space. This strategy especially works well because new, interesting, fresh information is not easily available. If you as a product owner or as a marketer can come up with such information, you will make the right noise for the journalist (or non-journalist) community to lap it up. Media is a powerful force to build your brand when combined with the right words and public connection. Conventional methods are certainly required to set up the brand name but press releases and their thoughtful and strategic distribution can offer advantages which may or may not be achieved by the conventional ways.

Building awareness and lead generation are two major benefits that Press release distribution services provide. Generating online leads is not easy and to do that, press releases coupled with great offers can help attract the potential customers. Network building and being counted in premium news providers are some of the offshoots that good press release distribution services offer. These translate into long term engaged audience that help build credibility and position you as the go-to player for the most updated and relevant information for the user.

Case studies, white-papers, articles, blogs are good ways to generate some noise. A Press release still beats them by connecting directly with the audience and bringing them the information in news worthy way. This creates direct visibility for you. Other mediums offer information and benefit the consumers; chances of connecting your name to that information are low. A press release counters this problem. To sum up, a PR is the most direct way a company can talk to the potential customer without sounding pushy and effective press release distribution service can help you reach maximum audience with minimum effort.

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