Establishing where cybersecurity gaps are, saves organisations effort and money

/ According to the recently released 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, small organisations represented the largest number of data breaches in 2011. The report examined 855 breaches across the globe that accounted for 174 million compromised records in 2011. The report said 97% of the crimes could have been avoided through simple or intermediate security controls.

On the background of evolving threat landscape and a dramatic rise in "hacktivism", awareness of the international cybersecurity standard, ISO/IEC 27001, is growing. ISO/IEC 27001 is recognised for providing comprehensive guidance for effective and efficient information security management.

It is essential for organisations that haven't yet started implementing ISO/IEC 27001 to establish what their cybersecurity gaps are and identify what actions they will need to undertake to protect their information assets.

The ISO27001 Feasibility & Gap Analysis Service from IT Governance Ltd helps companies identify the cyber risks relevant to them. The service helps senior managers justify IT expenditure in terms of ROI, providing them with a business case for closing their cybersecurity gaps and, if relevant, pursuing ISO27001 certification. Find out more here:

An organisation could gain significant competitive advantage through early ISO27001-certification. ISO27001 implementation reduces real risks of significant cyber-loss, reputation damage and compliance failure. It demonstrates to customers, stakeholders and the Government that an organisation has information security under control.

The ISO27001 Feasibility & Gap Analysis Service provides a combination of critical security information and financial benefits analysis using a fixed-price approach depending on the numbers of the organisations' employees.

Further information about the ISO 27001 Feasibility and Gap Analysis Service is available online, from You can also discuss options and timings directly with the friendly, helpful IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750.

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