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Just Won the Lottery? Get your last will and testament Online Forms Now

03/30/2012 // Mission Viejo , CA, USA // McClain Concepts // McClain Concepts

Like many, the staff at, the online forms vendor, is anxiously awaiting the drawing of tonight’s Mega Millions lottery numbers. Although everyone knows they will not win–for the most part–the team thought about what they would spend the money on, just in case the impossible actually happens. The general consensus was that everyone should buy the company’s Last Will & Testament Forms with Living Will Kit.

Wait, what? The team realized that it was far more valuable to purchase the Last Will & Testament Forms with Living Will Kit, something that would eventually be needed regardless of whether or not they won the record-breaking jackpot.

“For just a few bucks more than the ticket, we will get something we will use no matter what,” said Scott Cahill, one of the company’s blog team members. “And if we win, we are going to need a way to pass down what we don’t spend onto our families, so the Last Will & Testament Forms with Living Will Kit makes a lot of sense. Eventually everyone moves on from this life, and the number of multimillion dollar coffee makers for the break room are pretty limited, so if we won, it would be nice to pass something on to them.” is keeping perspective on the matter, though. Given that it is about 176 times more likely to get hit by lightning during a person’s lifetime, and about 3.76 times more likely for someone to be killed by fireworks this year, there is no expectation of winning from any of the online document company’s staff that they will be the lucky ones to rake in the big bucks. Instead, they are spending Friday reviewing the tried and true Last Will & Testament Forms with Living Will Kit and appreciating what they have.

“I feel like I’ve already hit the lottery, in a sense,” said another blogger. “I have a job I love, my team and our boss are awesome, and we live and work in one of the most beautiful places in the world, let alone the relationships I have outside of work, too. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind getting a few hundred million dollars, but I already feel extraordinarily lucky as things are now and I would still show up to write about online forms every day even if I won.”

It is interesting how a Last Will & Testament Forms with Living Will Kit can spur feelings of appreciation. Too often, the focus becomes what people do not have, rather than the non-material things that they do have, and that somehow external fixes are the key to achieving happiness. To think that an online form could be the inspiration to appreciate each day a little bit more than the last, to maybe leave a few precious items or that colossal lotto payload behind to a person or people who would live a better life by such an act, is a just subtle example of how anything can happen.

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