BS25999 training strongly recommended when implementing a business continuity plan

/ The BS25999 Standard gives public and private sector organisations the fundamental building blocks that will protect them from unexpected disruptions and discontinuities, or breaches of statutory risk management or Civil Contingency Act requirements. Customers, investors and stakeholders increasingly require reassurance that businesses are cyber resilient, particularly in the current difficult economic climate.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says 'It should be understood that business continuity should play an important role in the overall business strategy like information security does. Business continuity should not be seen in isolation from cyber security; it is a key part of risk management and is closely related to the cyber resilience of organisations. The business continuity plan deals with the risk of business activities or processes being interrupted by external factors.'

Staff involved in the planning, development, implementation and use of the business continuity management system (BCMS) need certain competencies. With budgets being cut, bringing in external consultants is a less viable option, so more organisations are expected to train staff internally to carry forward future staff training.

Calder continues, 'If you are taking on a major business continuity planning project, you want it to be effective immediately. The only way you can ensure this brings the desired results is by providing staff with the appropriate training or you might be deemed to fail. The training will eventually pay off as you realise that you have saved a lot of time and expense, compared to what can otherwise turn into a long trial-error process.'

IT Governance Ltd, who specialise in business continuity and BS25999 training amongst others, are running a BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass in January 2012 ( The purpose of the class is to help organisations identify potential threats, create a framework for building resilience, mitigate risk and safeguard their critical assets.

Previous classes have received very positive feedback from delegates. One of them commented, 'The course was excellent and filled the gaps in knowledge and context. I would strongly advise that this be attended well before any real start to an implementation project..."

The BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass ( provides a comprehensive and practical coverage of all aspects of implementing the Business Continuity Management Standard: BS258999. It takes delegates from theory to practice, offering the opportunity to question and pre-plan for business continuity in their organisation using the BS25999 Standard and examples of good practice. When they complete the course, delegates will be able to implement and maintain a business continuity management system (BCMS) within their own organisation, so that it can survive and thrive in an increasingly difficult environment.

Organisations can book delegates onto the next BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Masterclass online here: . Course places can also be booked directly with the friendly, helpful IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750. Larger organisations can make bookings or purchases with a purchase order, either by telephone, or by e-mail to We welcome overseas delegates on all our courses and can provide guidance on travel and hotel arrangements.

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