TM may be solution to wireless data spectrum shortage: Jeff Kagan Interviews

Jeff Kagan Interviews Dan Hodges, founder and CEO of TM Technologies

The solution called Transpositional Modulation manages the wireless spectrum logjam more efficiently, which TM Technologies says can solve this problem.”
— Jeff KAGAN
ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2024 / -- The wireless industry, even private wireless faces a growing and intensifying problem: limited wireless data spectrum. The problem is we have limited wireless data spectrum to meet the ongoing and growing demand of the marketplace. Demand continues to rapidly increase, yet the spectrum capacity remains limited.

Wireless spectrum is the on-ramp and off-ramp for data. How do we increase the capacity of the limited spectrum we have available?

Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan interviews Dan Hodges, Founder and CEO of TM Technologies about a solution to this growing problem.

TM Technologies is working with the US Military to design and develop this technology. To extend and expand the reach for their needs.

However, this technology is just as valuable for the non-military wireless network marketplace across the United States and in fact, the world.

This solution it called Transpositional Modulation. This technological solution manages the wireless spectrum logjam more efficiently, which TM Technologies says can solve this problem.

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