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'Age of Secrets' Biography on John Meier is the 2024 International Book Awards (IBA) Winner for Best Biography

Age of Secrets book cover showing a hand pulling down the United States Flag with the CIA Seal behind it and the 2024 International Book Awards (IBA) Winner logo  in front of it

'Age of Secrets' 2024 International Book Awards (IBA) Winner

Dennis Boutsikaris Headshot

'Age of Secrets' Audiobook narrated by actor Dennis Boutsikaris (The Bourne Legacy / Better Call Saul / Sugar) who has won 8 Audie Awards, the Audiobook equivalent of an Academy Award

John Meier with Senate Watergate investigators

Perhaps the only photo ever taken of the Watergate Committee investigators shows John Meier (far left) with Terry Lenzner, Scott Armstrong, Robert Muse and Martin Lackritz

United States Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with John Meier

United States Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. with John Meier (right) discussing what Meier knew about who was behind the RFK Assassination and what Meier wrote in his diary (included in ‘Age of Secrets’) regarding it

John Meier Headshot

John Meier

The International #1 Bestselling Political Thriller

If it were a film, it would be as exciting as The Bourne Identity”
— New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Hougan

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, July 2, 2024 / -- "Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes" is the 2024 International Book Awards (IBA) Winner for Best Biography. The book was also recently the 2024 National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA) Winner for Best Biography and Finalist for Best United States History book, as well as a 2024 Eric Hoffer Book Award Montaigne Medal Finalist, which is awarded to the most thought-provoking books. The critically acclaimed book has received multiple awards, as well as awards for its cover design.

This year’s IBA Awards included competition from hundreds of national and international publishers, including HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Hachette, with the winners joining a prestigious group of past laureates, including Pope Francis, Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, George Sanders, Julie Andrews, Clive Barker, Vanessa Williams, Shark Tank’s Daymon John, Brad Thor, and Kitty Kelley.

Fleeing from the world’s most powerful intelligence agency, John Meier is hunted by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) across the U.S., Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Tonga and the Dominican Republic, in his attempts to expose the Deep State and corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. Government in this riveting true story.

Includes revealing information on the Assassination of United States Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) and Critical Comments by New York Times bestselling author Jim Hougan, with an Audiobook narrated by actor Dennis Boutsikaris (The Bourne Legacy / Better Call Saul / Sugar) who has won 8 Audie Awards, the Audiobook equivalent of an Academy Award.

Immerse yourself in the book that exposes the illegal activities of the CIA, the real reason for Watergate, the 20th Century's most notorious political scandal and the biggest political scandal in United States History, and the hidden death of Howard Hughes, the world’s wealthiest individual at the time, in this Biography of John Meier, the former U.S. Senate Candidate who was the right-hand man to Howard Hughes.

John Meier has been referred to in the media as the man who brought down President of the United States Richard Nixon and he was the first person to expose the CIA’s involvement with the Hughes organization and the only person to call for a congressional hearing into the death of Howard Hughes.

Meier was Vice Chairman of the Humphrey-Muskie National Finance Committee, during Vice President Humphrey’s Presidential Campaign, he served on President Nixon’s Task Force on Resources and Environment, and was a Special Consultant to Nixon’s Environmental Quality Advisory Committee. Meier has been an advisor to several U.S. Senators, including Hubert Humphrey, Mike Gravel, and Robert F. Kennedy.

Nixon talks about Meier on several reels of the Nixon White House Tapes and Meier is mentioned in hundreds of government and historical records forever preserved at the U.S. National Archives because of their importance to the history of the United States.

"An Engaging...counternarrative to the 20th century's most notorious political scandal...An award-winning journalist, Bellett is a gifted storyteller who skillfully weaves a narrative rife with intrigue and political drama. The strength of the book is the way in which it presents Meier's story from his own perspective." —Kirkus Reviews

"John Meier has been persecuted by agents of the American government and threatened by criminal elements in the U.S. and is The Man Who Knew Too Much About Too Many Bad People." —United States Presidential Candidate and United States Senator Mike Gravel

"This tragic story of international intrigue, of abuse of the political and judicial systems of two great nations did not take place in some far-away foreign land, but right here in our own back yard." —Member and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Canadian Politician Walter Davidson

"A true and classic insider whistle-blower eye-witness story...immense value to readers with an interest in political corruption, misconduct, espionage and intelligence gathering. Offering unprecedented insights into Watergate, the CIA, and the reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes, "Age of Secrets" is unreservedly recommended." —Midwest Book Review

"Age of Secrets is as fascinating as it is troubling; a brilliant and accessible read that aims to expose a number of deeply unsettling 'deep state' truths surrounding the famous Watergate scandal. Fans of politics and intrigue - whether in fiction or non-fiction guise - are sure to love this book." —IndieReader

“The author’s narrative possesses the hallmark traits of a suspenseful espionage novel as Meier finds himself battling rivals in the Hughes organization and various malevolent factions of US government agencies (CIA, FBI, IRS). This is a book that will appeal to history lovers. Recommended Rating.” —The US Review of Books

"Age of Secrets is intriguing" —Las Vegas Sun

"John Meier's life straight from a John LeCarre thriller...If you are at all interested in the use and abuse of power in high places, this book is a must" —Vancouver Sun

"A spellbinding account of the Watergate break-in, corruption in the Nixon White House, and the insidious control government has over its people" —Delta Optimist

Rated one of the top 10 best books on both Watergate and Nixon and "The best inside view of what really happened to Hughes and his empire in print" —Probe Magazine

The International Book Awards (IBA) is one of the world’s largest international book awards, with its 15th annual competition in 2024.





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