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1764 Vineyards Announces The New Release of This Years, Sold Out 8 Years Later

They will offer first tastings to the public at the Wilcox Wine Festival this Weekend

The Growers Cup for the best red wine went to the 2021 8 Years Later, a red blend produced by Jules Dixon of 1764 Vineyards. It is an unconventional mix of Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot”
— Arizona Republic
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, May 18, 2024 / -- Media Contact:
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After winning ‘Best Red Wine From Arizona in March and a Double Gold award in January 2024, 1764 Vineyards quickly sold out of their 2021 8 Years Later Red Blend. NOW - the newest release of 8 Years Later, voted "Best Red Wine of Arizona for 2024 by Arizona Wine Growers Association - is out and available for purchase.

"As with all wines, year to year there will be differences." Julie Dixon, the winemaker states. "The 22 vintage of both Excogitamus and 8 Years Later, are different than the last vintage, but just as yummy if not more so." " The 8 Years Later is just a bit heavier in terms of body, with the addition of a bit more petite verdot, but still fabulously fruity and fun." "The Excogitamus is smooth and lasting, with a tad more tannins than the previous vintage"

In January 2024 winemaker Jules Dixon and husband, Bob Dixon won a Double Gold Award from San Francisco Chronicle for their 2021 ‘Eight Years Later Red Blend.
SF Chronicle:

In March 1764 Vineyards won this year's Grower's Cup for Best Red Wine in Arizona for 8 Years Later 2021.

From AZ Central wine competition: Results of the competition: The Growers Cup for the best red wine went to the 2021 8 Years Later, a red blend produced by 1764 Vineyards. It is an unconventional mix of Petite Sirah, Sangiovese and Petit Verdot. The winemaker is Jules Dixon, co-owner of 1764 Vineyards and a graduate of the Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College.

This is just an example of Jules’ creative wine making. She is constantly coming up with fresh ideas for wine such as her “orange wine” called Cochise Sunset Rosé, which they won a bronze medal for in 2022. She aspires to make the “most interesting wines available”. Additionally, Jules and husband Bob, come up with some of the most interesting names and meanings.

“For us, this asterisk has a deep layered meaning” states Bob Dixon. “Being fans of science fiction, and history we desired to have a name that represents us and encourages people to follow their passions and boldly choose their own path”.

After graduating from The Southwest Wine Center at Yavapai College Jules won a medal for the first wine she ever made - before they even had a vineyard. Their first wine, Deep Thought Syrah, won silver in 2020 in the Arizona Central Wine Competition and continues to win awards each year since.

“Originally, we planned to get our vineyard up and running before we started making wine", states the winemaker, Jules Dixon. "but then, an opportunity presented itself (before we had a vineyard), so we got some grapes and jumped in." Jules continues, "Bob asked me to make a Syrah, so I did and today, our Deep Thought Syrah has a permanent place on the menu because it did so well”. "So, the consumer really decided for us to start a vineyard”

In 2017, they purchased land at the foothills of the Dragoon Mountain Range and started planting their first acre. At that moment, 1764 Vineyards was born.

About 1764 Vineyards:

1764 Vineyards is a family-owned and operated vineyard and winery located in the Pearce/Sunsites area of Cochise County, AZ just East of Cochise Stronghold. Their 30-acre property sits at 4500 feet in the Wilcox AVA, where the climate and soil are reminiscent of growing regions found in Italy, Spain and France.

We set out on a journey to produce handcrafted wines that represent the terroir of the Willcox AVA, infused with the passion, dedication and love that is 1764 Vineyards and to inspire others to follow their passions.

Why 1764?
It begins with the Asterisk: each person is unique and so are their diverse passions and dreams and no one phrase can convey their meaning.

There's a little nerd in all of us: In computer-speak, the asterisk is commonly used as a wild card and is represented by the ASCII code 42

It's the answer: As Douglas Adams once penned in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Life, the Universe, and Everything, there is an answer....

" The answer is 42."

It's in the math: The product of 42*42 is 1764, a perfect square.
To boldly go: 1764 is the number of a ship of the line in Star Trek called the Defiant.
Lite the fuse: In 1764 British Parliament passed the Sugar Act on the American Colonies, lighting the fuse of revolution.

Founded in 2017, they are currently growing Petit Verdot, Picpoul Blanc, Vermentino, Syrah, Riesling, Sagrantino and many others planned in the coming years. Their first wine release was the 2018 Deep Thought Syrah, a Silver Medal Winner at the 2020 Arizona Wine Competition.

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