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“Moons Landscape” models launch today on Kickstarter

Moons Landscape | Mars System & Saturn System

Revolving models of astronomical objects based on the theme of moon systems

Mars System GIF

Planet and Moons revolving over a Moon Relief

Moons landscape on the shelf

Moons landscape on the shelf

These new astronomical models, glimpses of the extraordinary, will enrich your time alone.

MORIYA-SHI, IBARAKI, JAPAN, May 20, 2024 / -- At 7:00 (EST) on May 20, olenoides launched “Moons Landscape” on Kickstarter. These astronomical models feature planets of the solar system and the moons which orbit them.

“Moons Landscape” models are based on the concept of the “scene from a moon,” like a diorama in a museum. The planet and moons revolve over a moon relief. These full-fledged astronomical models recreate the rotation period ratio with an error of 3.4% or less using gears in the base of the model. With a clock movement as their power source, these models continually rotate for six months with a single 1.5-volt AA battery. They are a new type of astronomical model that is very quiet, and fits well with any interior.

For the current project, we are looking for supporters of the “Mars system” and “Saturn system” models. Please note: For the first 72 hours after launch, both the “Mars system” and “Saturn system” will be 50% off, allowing purchasers to collect both as a Super Early Bird special.

“This is an important attempt to create totally new astronomical models,” explains creator Akihiro Shimamura. “olenoides manufactures and sells orreries in Japan. Orreries modeling the solar system have long been sought after by enthusiasts—as objects rich in romanticism, epitomizing the tireless spirit of inquiry towards the universe. However, this time I decided to be true to myself, and create what I really wanted. The result was ‘Moons Landscape.’ Can’t I enjoy something extraordinary in my daily life? What sort of design complements a modern interior? I’m intrigued by things that capture a glimpse of the extraordinary, and bring it into ordinary space. Things like aquariums, terrariums, insect and mineral specimens... Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reach out into the vast expanse of space, capture a planet and its orbiting moons, and place them on your desk or at your bedside to look at? The world had never before seen an astronomical model realizing that vision. I also like to spend time alone, and these models aren’t disruptive. If I shift my gaze, the enchantment of space is right there. I can enjoy the passage of time with the model’s movements. You can put the model in your favorite spot, wherever that is—on your desk, on a side table by your bed, on a bookshelf, by a window, etc. This glimpse of outer space, enclosed in a glass dome, will add life to your ordinary space, creating something special and extraordinary just for you. I want my ‘alone time’ to be something special.”

With “Moons Landscape,” Akihiro Shimamura has shown his passion to create a series of models featuring planets of the solar system and their moons. If the current crowdfunding succeeds, next he plans to develop the “Earth system” and “Jovian system.” Now is the best chance to get new astronomical models before other collectors, and at bargain prices!

Supporter special
Super Early Bird: 50% off on Mars system + Saturn system set until 7:00 (EST) on 5/23, 200 models only.

Akihiro Shimamura