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Buzzkill Labs, Inc. Integrates New Product with Google Cloud as Member of Google for Startups Cloud Program

Buzzkill Labs and Google Cloud for Startups Logos

Buzzkill Labs and Google Cloud for Startups Logos

Photo of ToxiTrace™ instrument

ToxiTrace™ Instrument

ToxiTrace™ Rapid Analysis System Logo

ToxiTrace™ Rapid Analysis System Logo

Buzzkill Labs' ToxiTrace™ will leverage the Cloud AI Platform and Vertex AI to bolster its analysis of oral fluid samples

LIVERMORE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 15, 2024 / -- Buzzkill Labs, Inc. (Buzzkill Labs), a pioneering innovator in rapid drug testing solutions, proudly announces its latest milestone: integration with Google Cloud as a member of the esteemed Google for Startups Cloud Program. This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in Buzzkill Labs' mission to revolutionize drug testing methodologies with cutting-edge technology.

As part of this partnership, Buzzkill Labs will benefit from an investment of $250,000 credits towards the utilization of Google Cloud products and services. These resources will empower Buzzkill Labs to enhance its capabilities and further advance its groundbreaking solutions. Specifically, Buzzkill Labs will leverage the Cloud AI Platform and Vertex AI to bolster its analysis of oral fluid samples, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in drug testing processes.

In addition to this pivotal integration, Buzzkill Labs is excited to announce its collaboration with Kloud Stax, a trusted Google Cloud partner. This partnership represents a customized support framework where Kloud Stax will bolster Buzzkill Labs' capabilities, in harmony with the company's goal of transforming drug testing methodologies. By closely collaborating with Kloud Stax, Buzzkill Labs will utilize their engineering expertise to smoothly integrate its systems.

At the heart of Buzzkill Labs' innovative offerings lies its proprietary platform, ToxiTrace™. Functioning as a fully automated lab-in-a-box solution, ToxiTrace™ leverages lab-standard chromatography to meticulously filter out metabolites of THC and non-psychoactive cannabinoids from oral fluid samples. What remains is psychoactive THC, enabling rapid detection of marijuana usage within hours rather than days or weeks.

"Buzzkill Labs' mission is to bridge the divide between outdated drug testing methodologies and the evolving needs of today's society, including the shifting landscape of cultural perceptions of marijuana and the changing marijuana laws.", remarked George Farquar, Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "Through our integration with Google Cloud and partnership with Kloud Stax, we are positioned to provide unmatched solutions that not only fulfill but surpass the expectations of present-day drug testing standards. Leveraging Google Cloud's AI capabilities enables us to attain unmatched sensitivity and precision."

With automated lab-standard processes and proprietary high-sensitivity trace detection technology, Buzzkill Labs is at the forefront of driving innovation in drug testing. By delivering rapid, practical, and cost-effective solutions, Buzzkill Labs is empowering industries to embrace a new era of drug testing efficacy.

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About Buzzkill Labs, Inc.:

Established in 2018, Buzzkill Labs, Inc. (Buzzkill Labs) pioneers patented methods for swift and economical chemical detection. Headquartered in Livermore, CA, Buzzkill Labs strategically leverages the abundant talent and startup-friendly climate of the Tri-Valley and San Francisco Bay Area. Their flagship product, ToxiTrace™, delivers gold-standard chromatography-based analysis, ensuring unmatched specificity and sensitivity. Initially focused on Delta-9 THC detection, their vision extends to a wide range of substances. With a commitment to innovation and precision, Buzzkill Labs aims to redefine standards in chemical analysis, contributing to a safer and more informed world.


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