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Latent AI Enables Rapid Adaptation of Edge AI for DoD Underwater Target Threat Detection

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Latent AI Technology Meets DoD Standards for Functionality, Security, and Deployment in 12 months

This achievement sets a foundation to provide edge AI solutions that are adaptive and field-updateable at the speed of tactical relevance for a broad set of DoD programs.”
— Jags Kandasamy
SKILLMAN, NJ, USA, June 17, 2024 / -- In a significant stride towards enhancing the U.S. National Defense Strategy and competitive advantage, Latent AI, a leading provider of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) solutions at the edge, played a pivotal role with the Latent AI Efficient Inference Platform (LEIP) software development kit (SDK) and recipe. This innovative solution optimizes the compute, energy consumption, and memory use on tactical edge devices, allowing for faster AI deployment and updates in the field. The deployment of LEIP as an operational MLOps pipeline is a major milestone in enabling real-time tracking, modification, and redeployment of AI models for the U.S. Navy’s underwater threat detection at scale.

Latent AI's LEIP technology is well-suited for the Department of Defense's (DoD) needs, as it requires AI systems that are both agile and secure. LEIP technology addresses both of these needs simultaneously by optimizing and securing AI runtimes. The mission's success depends on the DoD's ability to quickly adapt and deploy new AI models to the tactical edge.

“Latent AI takes great pride in harnessing our expertise in MLOps and AI optimization to pioneer cutting-edge solutions that bolster national security. Despite a demanding timeline of just one year, we met the exacting standards of functionality, security, and deployment ease set forth by the government,” said Jags Kandasamy, CEO of Latent AI. “This achievement highlights the robustness of our technology for the Department of Defense's critical requirements. It also sets a foundation to provide edge AI solutions that are adaptive and field-updatable at the speed of tactical relevance for a broad set of DoD programs.”

With LEIP successfully integrated within the Defense Innovation Unit’s (DIU) Project Automatic Target Recognition MLOps for Maritime Operations (AMMO), in conjunction with Navy’s Project Overmatch, the Navy has the ability “to deploy and update our automatic target recognition models at the speed of operational relevance while simultaneously remaining confident in their performance,” said Commodore Shaun Lieb, Commander, Task Force (CTF) 75 (Source: DIU Press Release, June 17, 2024).

Latent AI is unwavering in its commitment to be a dependable partner, offering solutions that equip our warfighters with the edge they need for mission success. The LEIP SDK is awardable via Tradewind Solutions Marketplace. Latent AI is actively collaborating with the broader ML/AI ecosystem to establish trusted tools and supply chains for the responsible and sustainable use of AI, instilling confidence in our approach.

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Latent AI is a US-based/owned startup with a mission to simplify and accelerate traditional AI workflows to reduce the time to market. We provide trusted dual-use tools to build edge AI within an MLOps framework to rapidly develop and deploy AI models at scale.

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