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eMudhra and Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd Forge Strategic Partnership

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, April 17, 2024 / -- In a landmark move set to transform the landscape of digital transaction management, eMudhra, a global leader in digital security and signature solutions, and Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd, a pioneer in digital innovation for BFSI industry, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is poised to revolutionize how businesses and individuals engage in digital transactions, offering unparalleled security, efficiency, and compliance.

This strategic alliance is built upon the integration of eMudhra's flagship solution, emSigner, into Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd's suite of offerings. emSigner is an advanced digital signing and workflow management solution that facilitates secure and efficient online document processing. The partnership is a response to the escalating demand for digital transformation solutions that can deliver security, compliance, and productivity improvements across diverse sectors.

The primary aim of this collaboration is to integrate emSigner’s capabilities with Silverlake’s extensive suite of digital solutions, thereby offering a comprehensive digital transaction management platform. This initiative is set to:

• Enhance digital workflow automation, reducing the time and costs associated with manual document handling.

• Bolster security and compliance measures for digital transactions, providing peace of mind for businesses and their customers.

• Drive innovation in digital transaction management, setting new industry standards for efficiency and user experience.

The partnership between eMudhra and Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd heralds a new era in digital transaction management, offering significant benefits to clients, stakeholders, and the industry at large. Businesses will experience streamlined operations, enhanced security protocols, and improved regulatory compliance. For end-users, the partnership promises a seamless, intuitive digital interaction experience, facilitating quicker transactions without compromising on security.

A significant component of this collaboration is the integration of embedded signing capabilities into Silverlake's core banking and Loan Origination System (LOS) solutions. This feature will enable banks and financial institutions to offer their customers the ability to sign documents digitally within the banking interface, streamlining the process and improving CX. By embedding emSigner's digital signing technology directly into Silverlake's platforms, the partnership ensures a seamless, secure, and compliant process for executing transactions and agreements. This integration underscores the partnership's dedication to innovation and excellence in digital transaction management, further enhancing the value proposition for clients and end-users alike.

Kaushik Srinivasan, Co-founder, and EVP of eMudhra, remarked, "Our alliance with Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd is more than a partnership; it's a strategic move towards creating a more secure, efficient, and compliant digital ecosystem. emSigner, powered by eMudhra's cutting-edge technology, in conjunction with Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd's industry-leading solutions, will pave the way for innovative digital transaction management solutions."

Dato TJ Chin, CEO of Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP) commented, "We are pleased to have worked with eMudhra to further enhance our solution offerings that is more than ever relevant to our clientele who prioritise integrity and security. We look forward to market this solution to our customers."

The partnership kicks off with a comprehensive plan that includes technical integration of emSigner with Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd's banking and digital solutions, joint market research and product development efforts, and targeted marketing campaigns to educate and engage potential clients. Training programs for Silverlake’s sales and support teams will ensure that clients receive expert advice and seamless implementation support. Future milestones will include the launch of co-developed solutions tailored to specific market needs and the exploration of new markets and sectors.

About eMudhra

eMudhra stands at the forefront of digital transformation, pioneering solutions in digital identity verification and transaction management. With a robust portfolio that includes digital signatures, encryption, identity governance and user authentication, eMudhra has established itself as a trusted partner for over 25 countries, catering to industries ranging from finance and banking to healthcare and government services.

About Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd

Silverlake Innovation Partner (SIP), Sdn Bhd specializes in providing cutting-edge technology solutions aimed at fostering digital transformation across the banking, insurance, and payment sectors. Known for driving innovation and operational excellence, Silverlake empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape, enhancing efficiency and customer experience.

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