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Compulink Shares Further Details About Its Artificial Intelligence Strategy

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Compulink unveils AI-assisted solutions for documentation, patient engagement, revenue cycle management, and client technical support.

We believe this thoughtful approach, focused on usability, will unlock the true potential of AI in healthcare. The future of healthcare is intelligent, and Compulink is leading the charge.”
— Link Wilson, Founder and CEO at Compulink
NEWBURY PARK, CA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Compulink Healthcare Solutions, the recognized leader for single database all-in-one EHR and practice management systems for specialty practices, unveiled details about additional AI capabilities across its Advantage SMART Practice® solution. Utilizing the company’s AI engine – Advantage AI Practice® – the company’s goal is to implement AI in ways that will advance patient care, practice efficiency, and improve the patient experience.

“We believe AI holds enormous potential to revolutionize healthcare," says Link Wilson, Founder and CEO at Compulink. “Our strategy is not to try to inject AI everywhere but focus on adding it where we believe it will deliver the best ROI in terms of practice efficiency and enhanced care. For example, we don’t believe that AI tools that capture doctor-patient conversations to auto-populate documentation will make providers significantly more productive with EHR. There currently are tools in our Advantage EHR that do a much better job of this. But, for providers who don’t want to touch a keyboard, or don’t want to be dictating into the software in front of the patient, this type of AI-enabled solution may be a good option – and we’re all about providing options.”

The solution areas where the company is focusing its AI efforts include:

• AI-assisted Encounter Documentation: Compulink’s current SMART Practice EHR includes intelligent features that leverage diagnosis codes and past provider decisions to auto-generate treatment plans and orders, saving providers valuable time. The company is developing an AI option for its EHR to analyze doctor-patient conversations and auto-populate the encounter for provider review.

• AI-assisted Patient Engagement: Compulink’s PracticeWatch® task automation solution currently saves staff countless hours automating repetitive tasks including patient appointment reminders, referral communication, and patient encounter note delivery. The company is reviewing AI powered enhancements including chatbots that answer routine questions 24/7, automatically reschedule cancelled appointments, and analyze patient data to send personalized health tips and educational resources. This empowers patients to take a more active role in their health, while reducing the burden on healthcare providers. By providing convenient communication and targeted information, AI can foster a more proactive and collaborative approach to healthcare.

• AI-assisted Revenue Cycle Management: The traditional healthcare revenue cycle is often riddled with inefficiencies. AI has the potential to revolutionize this process. Compulink currently offers intelligent engines to assist with coding and claims scrubbing, along with PracticeWatch to automate RCM tasks including claims submission and eligibility verification. The company is now evaluating AI’s potential to analyze historical data to predict and prevent claim denials before they occur and automatically generate appeals for denied claims based on specific codes.

• AI-assisted Technical Support: To further assist its client base, the company is developing an AI-powered solution for 24/7 access to its extensive knowledge base. This comprehensive resource, built on 30 years of issues and answers, will empower clients to find solutions independently and in real-time.

"At Compulink, we're not just implementing AI for the sake of it," concludes Link Wilson. "We're strategically integrating AI across our Advantage solution with a clear vision: to empower providers, enhance patient care, and ultimately transform the healthcare experience. We believe this thoughtful approach, focused on transparency and usability, will unlock the true potential of AI in healthcare. The future of healthcare is intelligent, and Compulink is leading the charge."

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