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New Study: Transforming Elderly Care & Mitigating Labor Shortages

Ohmni Robot for Virtual Senior Care

UNH Psychiatric Telehealth Visits

[W]ith increased education, training and supports in place, the usability and feasibility of a telepresence robot in an independent living facility will expand.”
— University of New Hampshire

DURHAM, NH, USA, April 2, 2024 / -- Amidst a labor shortage crisis, the senior care industry urgently needs innovative solutions to tackle staffing challenges. A recent study conducted by the University of New Hampshire showcases the potential of telepresence technology to improve elder care.

Recent statistics reveal a staggering reality: 96% of senior living communities are currently facing staffing shortages, with 61% expressing concerns about potential closures. (Source) In light of these challenges, the study titled "Perspectives on a telepresence robot at an independent living facility: lessons learned and implications" offers a beacon of hope for the elder care industry.

The University of New Hampshire study gathered insights from residents, trainers, and staff at a retirement facility during a five-week wellness program, utilizing the Ohmni Telepresence Robot. Through semi-structured interviews and qualitative content analysis, the study uncovered a multitude of perspectives, highlighting both the challenges and the tremendous potential of telepresence technology.

According to the study, “[T]he continued exposure and usage of a telepresence robot has the potential to positively connect individuals on a virtual platform. This can be utilized to facilitate the promotion of social connections, delivery of health services and aging in place within independent living facilities…[W]ith increased education, training and supports in place, the usability and feasibility of a telepresence robot in an independent living facility will expand.”

“Our telepresence technology has the power to bridge distances, foster social connections, and enhance the overall well-being of elderly residents,” states Dr. Thuc Vu, CEO of OhmniLabs. “ We are committed to continuing our efforts in developing innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by the senior care industry, ensuring that older adults receive the care and support they deserve."

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