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Meblis Furniture Company Partners with Internet Retailers to Offer Professional Furniture Delivery and Assembly Services

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Can Professional Assembly Services Ease Online Furniture Shopping Worries?

Our partnership with internet retailers allows us to provide customers with a hassle-free furniture shopping experience”
— Alexii Zlobin
DNIPRO, DNIPROPETROVSKA OBL, UKRAINE, March 27, 2024 / -- Internet retailers often face challenges in selling complex and expensive furniture due to customers' reluctance to assemble it themselves or fear of encountering difficulties during assembly. To address this issue, Meblis Furniture Company has announced a strategic partnership with internet retailers, offering professional assistance in furniture delivery and assembly services in Dnipro, Ukraine.

As the demand for online furniture shopping continues to rise, providing a seamless and stress-free assembly experience has become crucial for internet retailers. By partnering with Meblis Furniture Company, internet retailers can now offer their customers a comprehensive solution that includes professional delivery and assembly services.

"Our partnership with internet retailers allows us to provide customers with a hassle-free furniture shopping experience," says Alexii Zlobin, CEO of Meblis Furniture Company. "We understand that assembling complex furniture can be daunting for customers, which is why we offer professional assistance to ensure a smooth and seamless process."

Through this partnership, internet retailers can alleviate customers' concerns about assembling furniture themselves by offering them the option to have their purchases delivered and assembled by trained professionals. This not only saves customers time and effort but also ensures that their furniture is assembled correctly and safely.

"We are committed to delivering exceptional service to our customers," says Anatolii Milovanov, CEO of Famille, Melon, Stolyc - online stores. "Partnering with Meblis Furniture Company allows us to offer our customers a convenient and stress-free solution for their furniture assembly needs."

With Meblis Furniture Company's expertise in furniture delivery and assembly services, internet retailers can differentiate themselves in the competitive online furniture market and provide added value to their customers. By offering professional assistance, internet retailers can enhance customer satisfaction and build trust with their target audience.

For more information about Meblis Furniture Company's professional furniture delivery and assembly services in Dnipro, Ukraine, please contact:

Alexii Zlobin
Meblis Furniture Company
+380 66 633 0972