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NaXum's Functionality Revolution: A Symphony of Enhancements

Explore an extraordinary journey through NaXum's recent functionality enhancements.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2024 / -- Explore an extraordinary journey through NaXum's recent functionality enhancements. From multilingual features and streamlined processes to dynamic design and user-friendly tools, NaXum is revolutionizing the user experience.

Chinazamekpere Chimbo, a Commissions Engineer, worked on the Money Admin's Adjustment Tool, implementing a multilanguage feature for improved accessibility and user understanding.

Norf Almonicar, a Core Tech Engineer, took charge of the Reactivation Process within the Virtual Office, ensuring a smooth and coded operation.

In the Contacts section, Chinazamekpere Chimbo further contributed by integrating an API for Profile, Billing, and Shipping Info. This enhancement streamlines the saving of vital information for users.

Marwan Muhammad, a Commissions Engineer, introduced the multilanguage feature to the Money Member section, specifically focusing on the Rank History & Rank Progress pages.

The Support team, led by Marwan Muhammad, built APIs and functionalities for the Ticket System, enhancing user support within NaXum.

Marwan Muhammad extended Multilingual capabilities to Tools - Video & Texting modules, fostering a language-friendly environment in these communication tools.

Priom Bhowmik, a Core Tech Engineer, seamlessly integrated the OpenCart with the Virtual Office's Shopping Cart, ensuring users a harmonious and efficient e-commerce experience.

Norf Almonicar contributed by creating a real-time live chat application embedded in replicated sites under the Support - Live Chat System, fostering immediate and responsive communication.

To streamline communication further, Norf Almonicar wrote a console script for Scheduled Reminders, automating the process of sending timely notifications.

Stephen Akugbe, a Core Tech Engineer, facilitated the Autoresponder Process through a console script, ensuring the efficient processing of automated emails.

Abdulmutalib Amoka, a Mobile App Engineer, addressed language concerns by implementing multilingual features in the Training Page, Forms, Page Hits, and Automail modules, ensuring clarity in user interactions.

Another Mobile App Engineer, Kyle Razon, introduced a dynamic color and branding logic to the Virtual Office's frontend design, enhancing its visual appeal.

Kayes Ibna Qayum, a Mobile App Engineer, coded the front end of the Multilanguage Tool for admins, offering language flexibility within the administrative interface.

Cris Lopez, a UI Designer, contributed by creating a mockup for the Admin Multilanguage Tool and adding a leaderboard feature to the Dashboard, providing users with engaging insights.

Hassan Imran, a UX Designer, updated the design of the data table on the Contacts page, enhancing user experience and data visibility.

Daniz Timbal, a Core Tech Engineer, extended the multilanguage feature to the Money Member section, covering the Dashboard & Enrollment Tree pages for a comprehensive language-friendly experience.

In a final touch, Rey Abao, a Commissions Engineer, added a Delete function and API to the Reminder Modal in Contacts, giving users control over their saved reminders.

In the pursuit of excellence, NaXum elevates functionality, ensuring navigation through a technologically advanced, language-friendly, and visually engaging landscape. The commitment remains unwavering—to provide an unparalleled and user-centric digital experience.

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