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Flyby and TERRA Join Forces For the Future of Last-Mile Delivery

A Terra delivery bike is equipped with a Flyby's smart delivery box parked in front of a battery swapping station.

Flyby's smart delivery box and Terra's swappable battery stations and e-bikes are changing the future of last-mile delivery in the region.

Flyby and TERRA are revolutionising Dubai's last-mile delivery sector with smart delivery boxes and e-bikes creating a sustainable urban mobility system.

Together, we’re moving to an integrated system of efficient and effective urban mobility, and a smart, sustainable solution that showcases the future of last-mile mobility.”
— Cheyenne Kamran, CEO of Flyby

DUBAI, UAE, February 29, 2024 / -- Flyby, a Dubai-based smart city technologies company is joining forces with TERRA, a Dubai-based sustainable last-mile delivery platform, to advance the last-mile delivery sector in the region. In the partnership, drivers will be equipped with Flyby smart delivery boxes, coupled with the latest TERRA e-bikes, powered by the region’s first swappable battery network.

Flyby specialises in smart-city platforms for fleet and asset tracking, and digital out-of-home advertising. With access to real-time data, they provide insights and visibility of riders across the city by broadcasting live road safety alerts, transforming every delivery bike into a smart cloud-enabled mobile digital OOH billboard.

"This is the future of last-mile delivery," explains Saher Khattab, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Flyby. "Flyby has already revolutionised the delivery industry by turning the conventional boxes on the back of every delivery bike into a smart delivery box. By equipping the box with a computer and three edge-to-edge digital displays, we can track and monitor risky driving behaviour using a cloud-enabled system, all while showcasing programmatic advertising through our custom software - centrally controlled from anywhere in the world.”

TERRA is committed to accelerating the transition towards a connected transportation ecosystem by optimisimg last-mile delivery. Their battery swapping solution marks a significant achievement as the first of its kind in the MENA region.

“By leveraging innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, TERRA is offering comprehensive e-mobility solutions to businesses, redefining the standards of efficiency and sustainability within the transportation sector,” notes Husam Zammar, Founder and Managing Director of TERRA. “Our revolutionary battery-swapping technology enables seamless swaps in just 20 seconds. This innovation not only improves drivers' efficiency and convenience, but it also solves the issues of range anxiety and charge time in commercial electric vehicles.”

“Terra’s swappable battery network and e-bikes are the ideal platform to power and mobilise Flyby’s boxes, turning each delivery bike into a mobile data-gathering station that powers Flyby’s smart city solutions. Together, we’re moving to an integrated system of efficient and effective urban mobility, and a smart, sustainable solution that showcases the future of last-mile mobility,” comments Cheyenne Kamran, CEO of Flyby. “The UAE is the ideal place to showcase our product.”

Powered by TERRA's battery swapping stations, the partnership addresses the commercial and economic requirements of aggregators, fleet providers, and nearly 100,000 delivery riders across the UAE. With access to a city-wide network of strategically deployed battery stations, riders will always be close to a battery swapping station.

The partnership serves as a case to facilitate the shift to sustainable last-mile transportation, urging the widespread adoption of electric vehicles to reduce emissions in last-mile delivery.

About Flyby
Founded in 2020, Flyby is a Dubai-based smart city platform with applications in fleet and asset tracking, digital out-of-home advertising, and a crucial layer in smart city fleet management. Flyby provides real-time data, insights and visibility of riders across the city. Flyby’s digital displays can broadcast real-time road safety alerts, with the possibility of turning every delivery bike into a smart cloud-enabled mobile digital OOH billboard.

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Founded in 2021, TERRA stands as the first in the MENA region to introduce battery-swapping stations, a recharging platform to accommodate electric vehicles, enabling riders to exchange batteries at their extensive network of swapping stations seamlessly while optimizing last-mile delivery and promoting environmental sustainability.

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