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Luminoso Unveils Helios GenAI Assistant for Daylight™, a Cornerstone Sentiment Analytics Platform

Helios GenAI Icon

Helios GenAI by Luminoso Technologies

Helios is the first-ever solution that combines the power of advanced AI text analytics with the simplicity of generative AI.

As the landscape of customer experience continues to evolve, Helios represents a pivotal step in empowering businesses to stay competitive and responsive to their customers' needs.”
— Mark Zides, CEO
BOSTON, MA, US, February 27, 2024 / -- Luminoso Technologies, a leader in AI-powered text analytics, today formally introduces Helios, a groundbreaking generative AI assistant layer built on its renowned, time-tested Daylight™ platform. Just a few weeks ago, Luminoso announced a series of innovations to Daylight™ including the ability to pull data directly into the platform from online retail websites and conversational forums like Reddit, and a robust customizable reporting dashboard.

Users of AI tools and Saas platforms are demanding better accessibility and streamlined user experience. Luminoso is responding to this demand by changing the way customers can interact with their data on Daylight™, making Helios the first-ever solution that combines the power of advanced AI text analytics with the simplicity of generative AI. Helios not only simplifies the user experience but enriches the decision-making process with quick, actionable insights, potentially reducing the time and cost associated with data analysis.

So, what does Helios actually do?

Helios is designed to fast-track how companies interact with their Daylight™ project data through conversation. Here are a handful of questions that Helios can answer about the data in a project:
Tell me what the key takeaways were from our customer feedback.

What are things that need to be improved?

What did customers like the most about the product?

What did customers dislike the most about the product?

Are there any outliers in the feedback?

Did people compare our product to other products on the market? If so, what were the other products they mentioned?

Users will also be able to give Helios commands like…
Do a SWOT analysis
Do a TURF analysis to determine which 3 options we should prioritize

The answers Helios provides will be based on the data inside the Daylight™ project. To understand the full significance of this innovation, it might be helpful to dive into what Daylight™ is doing behind the scenes and why companies choose Daylight™ for customer experience sentiment.

"Helios represents a quantum leap in AI-driven data analysis," said Mark Zides, CEO of Luminoso. "We’ve created a tool that not only enhances data processing capabilities but also provides actionable insights in an intuitive manner. As the landscape of customer experience continues to evolve, tools like Helios represent a pivotal step in empowering businesses to stay competitive and responsive to their customers' needs."

What is Daylight™ and who uses it?
Luminoso’s Daylight™ is a text-analytics tool that can ingest and analyze thousands of documents in minutes, making it possible for product teams to retrieve answers from customer feedback within the same day as uploading and on an ongoing basis. Companies use Daylight™ to help them find a perfect market fit for their product, understanding customer feedback, driving innovation and customer satisfaction. If companies use a survey tool like Medallia or Qualtrics, they can save themselves time and money by leveraging Daylight™’s speed-to-insights technology to get results from their data faster. Put simply, companies use the insights Daylight™ provides to streamline their decision-making processes around customer experience.

The Key Benefits of The Daylight™x Helios Combination:
Quick Comprehension Of Product Insights
Informed, Bias-Free Decision Making
Reduced Cost For Data Analysis

Luminoso Technologies' unveiling of the Helios GenAI Assistant marks a significant advancement in AI-powered text analytics, offering businesses a more efficient and intuitive way to analyze and act upon customer feedback. Built upon the already robust Daylight™ platform, Helios aims to streamline the data analysis process, allowing users to engage with project data conversationally, leading to quicker, more informed decisions.

Real-World Applications
For technical companies, Helios offers a tool to swiftly navigate through complex data, enhancing product development and market strategies.
In product enablement, Helios aids in understanding customer feedback, driving innovation and customer satisfaction.

The Science Behind GenAI Helios
Helios is built using Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) in conjunction with an enterprise-grade Large Language Model (LLM), ensuring the security of customer data. An important consideration in RAG implementations is the data that is passed into the LLM as context. This context allows the LLM to generate a response to the query that takes into account the context-specific information that it otherwise would not have. Helios leverages the power of Daylight’s natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to select the most relevant data to be used as the context, leading to higher quality responses and diminished hallucinations.

Commitment to Our Customers
Luminoso’s introduction of Helios underscores their commitment to delivering cutting-edge AI solutions in line with what we hear from our own customer feedback. Helios is powerful and aligns with the evolving needs of our clients and the industry.

Exclusive Demonstration Opportunity
To experience the full potential of Helios, Luminoso invites executives and teams from technical companies, human resources, and product enablement sectors to join our LinkedIn demonstration on March 12th at 2pm EST where we will showcase how Helios works.

Book A One-On-One Demo
If you have project data you’d like to test, we encourage you to book a 45-minute demonstration that can be personalized to your goals. Visit to schedule your demo.

About Luminoso
Luminoso Technologies, a leader in natural language understanding operating in the business intelligence industry, has been at the forefront of AI-powered text analytics for over a decade. Originating from the MIT Media Lab, Luminoso offers innovative solutions to Fortune 500 companies that help them better understand their customers' and employees' sentiments. They are committed to helping businesses transform massive amounts of complex text data into actionable insights, reducing time-to-insights for decision-making and strategic planning.

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