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Steve Harvill, President of Creative Ventures and Best-Selling Author, Shares the Secrets to Leadership Success

Stephen Harvill

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2024 / -- Steve Harvill, best-selling author, renowned business strategist, and President of Creative Ventures, a strategic consulting firm, highlights the critical elements for business success. Harvill says leadership remains a paramount topic with an overwhelming 57,000 books on Amazon and over 10,000 whitepapers dedicated to the subject; even with the extensive amount of literature on leadership, "It appears a definitive definition eludes even the most astute observers," Harvill informs.

Drawing from his studies of hundreds of leaders in diverse roles, he simplifies the essence of good leadership while addressing whether leaders are born or made. Harvill's conclusion? It's a blend of both, with the "made" aspect being slightly more accurate. Leaders, he asserts, can indeed be created.

Harvill simplifies impactful leadership down to two essential skills:

1. Communication: Effective leaders must master communication skills, ranging from one-on-one interactions to compelling presentations.

2. Thinking: A profound understanding of thinking processes, encompassing problem-solving and decision-making, is paramount for successful leadership.

Reflecting on history, Harvill notes the consistent stream of opportunities for leadership and the increasing thirst for leaders within organizations. According to a recently released U.S. News – Harris Poll survey, many respondents believe corporate America is in the midst of a "leadership crisis." At the same time, older business leaders "refuse to pass the torch to the next wave."

Harvill recommends establishing leadership development programs to succeed in cultivating strong leadership. He says these programs should impart knowledge and provide ample growth opportunities.

"To succeed, create leadership development programs that provide knowledge and opportunity. That's the foundation of the growth and expansion of a true leadership program," Harvill concludes.

Steve Harvill, President of Creative Ventures, has shared concepts and strategies with companies for 40 years. From the Fortune 500 to small startups, Steve and his Creative Ventures team have developed programs that cross industry lines and challenge the status quo. With a scientific background and past leadership roles in two companies, Steve uses his experience and empirical data to reinforce his assertions. Whether presenting, teaching, or consulting, his Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Innovation, and Client Experience programs provide actionable steps to take businesses to the next level; his client list includes Apple, Zappos, IBM, Frito Lay, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo.

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