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Vapesol Achieves Groundbreaking Zero Waste Milestone in EVA Sole Production

Vapesol Achieves Groundbreaking Zero Waste Milestone in EVA Sole Production

Vapesol Achieves Groundbreaking Zero Waste Milestone in EVA Sole Production

Vapesol Leads a Sustainability Revolution in the EVA Soles Industry, Achieving a Landmark Zero Waste Production Process and Redefining Eco-Friendly Footwear.

FELGUEIRAS, PORTUGAL, February 19, 2024 / -- Vapesol, a Portuguese leader in footwear sole manufacturing, has announced a landmark achievement in sustainability and efficiency: becoming the first company globally to reach 100% reuse and zero waste in its EVA sole production. This significant milestone, achieved through the introduction of the innovative "Eva Powder" brand, sets a new sustainability benchmark for the footwear industry. The breakthrough will be officially unveiled at Lineapelle in Milan this February, the world’s premier international trade fair for footwear components.

Décio Pereira, CEO of Vapesol, shared, "Our process involves not only recycling misshapen soles but also redesigning processes to eliminate unnecessary waste entirely." This initiative has successfully tackled the challenge of reducing the environmental footprint associated with sole production, transforming what was once considered waste into a valuable resource.

Producing approximately 4,500 pairs of EVA soles daily, Vapesol previously faced a waste output that constituted about 10 to 11 percent of its total production. "This resulted in around 50 tonnes of waste annually, which had a significant environmental impact as it decomposed slowly in landfills over many years," Pereira explained. However, with the implementation of the Eva Powder process, these 50 tonnes of waste can now be fully reintegrated into the production cycle without any loss of the soles' physical or mechanical properties.

Eva Powder has earned the RCS (Recycled Claim Standard) Certification in EVA by Intertek, marking Vapesol as the first company to achieve this certification for EVA soles. This certification underscores the company's commitment to sustainable practices and innovation within the industry.

By transforming deformed soles into valuable resources and eliminating waste, Vapesol is spearheading a revolution that not only redefines EVA sole production but also contributes to a more sustainable and innovative world. In an era where sustainable footwear production is not just a trend but a necessity, Vapesol’s efforts resonate with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly and ethical options. These consumers, increasingly knowledgeable and concerned about sustainability, seek products that minimize environmental damage and reduce ecological footprints.

Vapesol is poised to introduce the groundbreaking EVA POWDER at the upcoming Lineapelle event in Milan from February 20-22. This launch positions Vapesol as the world's first company to achieve zero waste in the EVA material injection sector for soles, marking a significant step forward in sustainable footwear manufacturing.

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Vapesol is a leading Portuguese company specializing in the manufacture of footwear soles. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality, Vapesol has been at the forefront of developing eco-friendly solutions that meet the demands of the modern consumer while reducing environmental impact.

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