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ApsTron Science Unveils Multi-Modality Physiological Monitoring System for Research & Education

Apstron Science Corporation

ApsTron Science

ApsTron's VuTronics System

ApsTron's VuTronics System

ApsTron VuTronics(tm) Screen Graph

ApsTron VuTronics Screen Graph

Tiny sEMG Sensor Measures down to 0.01uV

Peripheral Blood Flow Sensor

Peripheral Blood Flow Sensor

ApsTron Science introduces non-invasive physiological monitoring system, software and apps for research and education purposes and drug discovery.

Apstron's systems are used by some of the biggest names in education and research, this update reaffirms our commitment to delivering a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. Said Apstron Science, CEO”
— ApsTron's CEO, Tahir Chaudhry

WOBURN, MA, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2024 / -- ApsTron Science, a manufacturer specializing in biomedical devices, real-time monitoring software, and Phone Mobile Apps, is pleased to announce the launch of a groundbreaking system designed to measure various physiological parameters with a single platform. These measures include:

- sEMG (Multichannel Electromyography): Accurate measurement of Electromyography (EMG) from the skin's surface, without the need for needles or abrasion, down to 0.1 uV.

- PPG (Photoplethysmography): Non-invasive measurement of peripheral blood flow from any skin surface.

- EDR (Electrodermal Response, Galvanic Skin Response) from fingertip electrodes.

- EDL (Electrodermal Level).

- sTemp (Minute Changes in Skin Temperature): Precise monitoring of skin temperature changes down to 0.1 degrees.

- EKG (Multilead EKG): Equipped with pre-amplified sensors for highly accurate EKG readings.

- EEG (Multichannel Electroencephalograph): Features pre-amplified sensors for the most precise EEG data capture.

This comprehensive system includes real-time data acquisition software, allowing for the storage of both raw and processed data on a remote internet server or locally on a PC.

ApsTron's physiological monitoring software offers the flexibility to display data in either the time or frequency domain. Researchers can also take advantage of an artifact removal feature within the software to edit data as required.

The system comes with wired and wireless options to acquire and display data. The data acquisition can be synched with voice prompts offered within the supplied software.

This non-invasive physiological monitoring solution is intended for researchers, educators, and professionals engaged in related fields, such as drug discovery.

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About ApsTron Science:
ApsTron Science is a dedicated innovator in the field of mindfulness and wellness technology, committed to providing valuable tools for various applications. With a focus on research and development, ApsTron aims to contribute to the betterment of individuals' lives through innovative solutions.

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For more information about ApsTron Science and its healthcare solutions, please visit

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