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PBS Series "Maria's Portuguese Table" Wins Best Travel Program on TV at The Taste Awards, Showcasing Portuguese Culture

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Maria Lawton with Cineasta Productions crew

Maria Lawton - Host of Maria's Portuguese Table

"PBS's 'Maria's Portuguese Table' wins Taste Award, spotlighting Portuguese culture and cuisine on a national scale."

This Taste Award for Best Travel Series on TV, is a tribute to the vibrant Portuguese culture and the shared love of food that unites us all.”
— Maria Lawton

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 1, 2024 / -- In celebration of Portuguese heritage, Maria's Portuguese Table has been honored with the Taste Award for Best in Travel Program on TV. Esteemed as the Oscars of the Food and Travel industry, The Taste Awards lauds outstanding achievements in various lifestyle media, including food, fashion, travel, and health programming.

Creator & Host Maria Lawton, affectionately known as the Azorean Greenbean, the series is the first and only program on nationwide TV to focus exclusively on Portuguese travel, culture, and cuisine. Lawton's journey to bring her vision to the screen was met with challenges, facing several years of rejections before successfully finding sponsors and debuting on PBS. Her perseverance paid off, as the show quickly garnered critical acclaim and a loyal following, celebrating the rich narrative of Portuguese traditions and gastronomy.

From its inception, Maria's Portuguese Table has been a heartfelt project for Lawton, who aimed to illuminate the vibrant tapestry of Portuguese life, from the cobblestone streets of the Azores to the bustling communities across the United States. The series not only explores the scenic beauty of Portugal and its islands but also delves into the stories of individuals who embody the spirit and culinary heritage of the Portuguese people.

The success of the first season led to an eagerly awaited second installment, which continued to enchant viewers with its authentic storytelling and mouthwatering culinary explorations. As Maria's Portuguese Table gears up for its third season, anticipation builds for an even richer portrayal of the Portuguese diaspora, with plans to feature locales such as the Azorean island of Santa Maria, Madeira and mainland Portugal.

Upon receiving the Taste Award, Lawton shared her heartfelt gratitude: "This accolade is a tribute to the countless individuals who have joined us on this remarkable journey. It celebrates the chefs, families, and communities who have shared their stories and traditions, the tireless production crew and Director Dean Camara of Cineasta Digital who brought our vision to life, and our devoted viewers who have made this series a part of their lives. 'Maria's Portuguese Table' is more than a show; it's a movement that unites us through the love of Portuguese culture and the joy of food."

"Maria's Portuguese Table" stands as a beacon of cultural pride and culinary passion, inviting viewers nationwide to discover the essence of Portugal and the warmth of its people. With this distinguished Taste Award, the series continues to pave the way for a deeper appreciation of the diverse tapestry that makes up our global community.

**About Maria Lawton**:
Maria Lawton, known as the "The Azorean Greenbean," is the creator, host, author, and chef behind "Maria's Portuguese Table." Born in the Azores on the island of Sao Miguel and raised in the United States, Lawton has become a celebrated figure in culinary circles, thanks to her first cookbook, "Azorean Cooking", From My Family Table To Yours, and her much-anticipated second cookbook set to release this year. Through her work, Lawton aims to bridge cultures and communities, sharing the vibrant culinary heritage of Portugal with audiences, and connecting cultures through the universal language of food..

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