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Saudi Arabia Pioneers Efforts in Combating Illegal Hunting and Wildlife Protection

CMS workshop

Flamingos in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, January 20, 2024 / -- In line with the Kingdom's commitment to biodiversity preservation and the fight against illegal wildlife hunting, the Saudi National Center for Wildlife recently led a groundbreaking workshop in Riyadh. Esteemed officials and experts, including the Convention of Migratory Species (CMS) and BirdLife International, gathered at the workshop to address the critical challenges of illegal hunting and wildlife trafficking in the region.

The workshop provided a platform for comprehensive discussions and collaboration among key stakeholders, fostering an environment of knowledge sharing to address the detrimental issue of illegal wildlife hunting. A regional task force to combat illegal hunting was established, and a draft regional action plan was developed. The action plan aims to identify the socioeconomic dimensions of the issues, as well as appropriate conservation measures at the national and regional levels to conserve migratory birds. It underscored the vital importance of international cooperation in protecting the region's natural heritage and laid the groundwork for comprehensive initiatives to combat these activities.

Dr. Mohammed Qurban, CEO of The Saudi National Center for Wildlife, emphasized the workshop's importance, highlighting the collective efforts to combat illegal wildlife hunting as a reflection of the Kingdom's steadfast dedication to preserving its natural habitats, given its unique position as the crossing point for bird migration routes. Through collaborative initiatives and international partnerships, the Kingdom strives to uphold global biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability.

Saudi Arabia's commitment to sustainable hunting and wildlife management has been commended by international organizations and experts at the workshop, which recognize the Kingdom's efforts in managing hunting as the best in the region and one of the best global practices. The Kingdom is dedicated to aligning with global best practices, setting a high standard for the region and the world.

The Saudi National Center for Wildlife remains resolute in its commitment to drive sustainable conservation practices and foster international cooperation to combat illegal wildlife hunting. Through these initiatives, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia reaffirms its dedication to global biodiversity conservation and environmental sustainability.

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