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The Games We Watched: Lurkit’s Top 500 Stream Report

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The Games We Watched: Lurkit’s Top 500 Global Stream Report Unveils 2023's Gaming Highlights and Trends

LINKÖPING, SWEDEN, January 19, 2024 / -- 2023 was a paradoxical year in gaming.
Many game developers were struggling and we saw both project drops and waves of layoffs, which has been devastating to the industry and those affected. But on the other side of the coin, over 14,000 titles were released on Steam and 2023 can be counted as a record year for the interest in games based on recent Twitch streaming data that Lurkit has compiled.

Lurkit is an influencer marketing platform company. By monitoring 170,000 games and 12 million live channels, Lurkit is empowering the industry to understand who is talking about a specific game or genre and to market games to the gaming audience through content creators. Since we are in daily conversations with publishers and studios as well as the creator community, Lurkit is in a pole position to dig into the current state of the streaming market.

Lurkit is now releasing The Games We Watched: Lurkit’s Top 500 Global Stream Report, a comprehensive view on what games are watched by gamers all around the world on Twitch. The first edition covers the 500 most popular games for 2023.
The online version is open for use, but is limited in content. The downloadable and free pdf version includes all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) per game title such as:

- Hours watched (How many hours were watched of the game)
- Average Concurrent Viewers (The number of average simultaneous viewers)
- Peak Concurrent Viewers (The highest achieved number of simultaneous viewers)
- Average Channels (The average number of concurrent channels)
- Peak Channels (The maximum number of concurrent live channels)
- Unique Channels (The total number of unique live channels)
- Hours streamed (Total number of hours streamed on live channels)
- Viewer / Stream ratio (Average number of unique viewers per live channel)
- Publisher and Developer

In total, this report covers 500 titles — representing only 0.29% of all games that Lurkit is tracking — and nearly 15 billion hours viewed by gamers between January 1 - December 31 2023.

The Games We Watched: Lurkit’s Top 500 Global Stream Report covers the full year of 2023 and you’ll find key findings such as.

The most watched game was Grand Theft Auto V with over 1.3 billion hours watched. Amazing feat for a game released in 2013.
Fortnite was the game that by far was streamed by most unique channels, 2.8 million of them — 132% more than the second title on the list, VALORANT.
Fortnite and VALORANT also battled for the crown for the game that was streamed the most hours. The latter came out victorious with a mere 1.4% higher volume.
50% of the viewership (7.5 billion hours) on the Top 500 list was claimed by 11 titles.

Top 10 game titles

1. Grand Theft Auto V: Expanded and Enhanced - 1,324,613,311 hours watched
2. League of Legends - 1,312,484,240 hours watched
3. VALORANT - 978,149,244 hours watched
4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - 681,628,459 hours watched
5. Fortnite - Deluxe Founder’s Pack - 591,225,964 hours watched
6. Minecraft - 574,507,435 hours watched
7. Dota 2 - 547,421,995 hours watched
8. World of Warcraft - 432,874,074 hours watched
9. Apex Legends - 389,207,611 hours watched
10. Escape From Tarkov - 324,494,012 hours watched

Some of 2023’s most anticipated games were released on Lurkit and made the top list as well as a few titles with longer runways. Most notably Starfield, Dead Island 2, Ready or Not, Albion Online, Lords of the Fallen, Payday 3, Warhammer 40k: Darktide, Remnant 2, The Finals and Hunt: Showdown.

When reading the report, it’s important to remember:

This showcases only a fraction of the amount of data available on Lurkit. The data set is meant to provide a deeper knowledge of the streaming scene on Twitch.

The report is not declaring streams with zero concurrent viewers. The difference it makes on the ‘Hours watched KPI’ is less than 1%.
We have cleaned up the data set to only include video game titles. Categories such as ‘Just chatting’ and others are not included as well as table top games.

Comparable historical data is discretionary available on request - exclusively to journalists.
Requests for interviews and more can be made to hello (at)

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