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Krouzon Pharmaceuticals Enters R&D and Commercial Manufacturing Agreement with TCG GreenChem

TCG GreenChem and Krouzon representatives at the agreement event.

TCG GreenChem and Krouzon representatives at the agreement event. From left to right, Dr. Bo Qu, Dr. Dhileep Krishnamurthy, Dr. Chris H. Senanayake (TCG GreenChem), Dr. V.P. Eswarakumar (Krouzon), Dr. Joseph D. Armstrong, III and Dr. Gopal Sirasani (TCG GreenChem).

Agreement to help advance lead optimization and clinical development of drug candidates.

Krouzon’s partnership with TCG GreenChem will help establish the data necessary for the FDA to determine efficacy in treating craniosynostosis syndromes and cancers driven by FGFR2.”
— Dr. V.P. Eswarakumar, Founder, CEO, and Chief Scientific Officer
NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, U.S.A., January 10, 2024 / -- Krouzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a biotechnology company focusing on developing therapeutics for rare diseases and cancers, has entered into a manufacturing agreement with TCG GreenChem, Inc. to advance its drug candidates to clinical trials.

Under the terms of the agreement, TCG GreenChem will manufacture Krouzon’s drug candidates for phase I and II clinical trials, and also perform process research, development, and optimization work for Krouzon and create backups for the clinical trial compounds. Krouzon will own all intellectual property associated with the collaboration.

Founded in 2016 by former Yale Medical School Associate Professor Dr. V.P. Eswarakumar, Krouzon is developing novel therapies for rare pediatric diseases called Craniosynostosis syndromes and cancers using proprietary small molecule inhibitors.

Craniosynostosis syndromes caused by Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 (FGFR2) mutations are life-threatening pediatric rare diseases that occur in 1 of every 25,000 live births. There is no effective commercially available cure for craniosynostosis syndromes today. Severely affected children die due to disease complications.

Krouzon’s pipeline includes multiple small-molecule inhibitors that could replace the current complex treatment standard involving multiple painful and high-risk surgeries for survival throughout childhood for craniosynostosis syndromes. These inhibitors can also be used to target a wide range of growth factor receptor signaling-driven cancers.

The company’s partnership with TCG GreenChem will help establish the data necessary for the FDA to determine efficacy in treating craniosynostosis syndromes and cancers driven by abnormal growth factor receptor signaling. Krouzon will set aside 10% of the profit from any commercialized therapies to treat children otherwise not covered by health insurance living in any part of the world.

Dr. Eswarakumar is one of the world’s leading experts in FGFR signaling. His research has been published in high-impact journals and has received more than 4,000 citations.

Prior to founding Krouzon, Dr Eswarakumar was an Associate Professor of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation at the Yale University School of Medicine. He joined the Yale faculty after completing post-doctoral research at the Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology in 2007.

TCG GreenChem, Inc. was conceptualized by Dr. Chris H. Senanayake (Founder and CEO & CSO) and Dr. Joseph D. Armstrong, III (CMO), former pharmaceutical executives with a track record in the development of hundreds of New Chemical Entities (NCE) into the clinic and commercialization of several well-known pharmaceutical products for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Sepracor, Inc., and Merck & Co, Inc. The senior leadership constitute of former pharmaceutical based experience, technological expertise and know-how, which is required to manufacture architecturally complex intermediates and APIs and CMC aspects by utilizing state of the art synthetic organic chemistry, cutting-edge technology platforms such as catalysis and continuous flow chemistry and other development requirements for NCE development.

Dr. Senanayake noted that Krouzon’s current drug candidate for the treatment of craniosynostosis syndromes is very promising for unmet medical needs. Therefore, he is highly eager to accelerate development for clinical trials for this important patient population.

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Krouzon Pharmaceuticals:

Dr. V.P. Eswarakumar
Founder, CEO and CSO

TCG GreenChem

Dr. Chris H. Senanayake
Founder, CEO and CSO

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