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AOPEN Unveils the Return of an industry leading Chromebox- the Pocket-Sized, Military-Grade Chromebox Mini 2

Chromebox Mini 2 - Pocket-sized & Military-grade

Pocket-sized, Military-grade Chromebox Mini 2


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AOPEN, a leader in commercial ChromeOS devices, unveils the Chromebox Mini 2 – the next evolution, set to redefine compact computing.

The AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 is future-proofed for disruptive use cases such as Edge AI, smart signage, and seamless kiosk experiences - all of which are at the center of these partner solutions.”
— Christopher Longo, Director

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2024 / -- AOPEN, a pioneer in commercial-grade ChromeOS devices, will launch the next evolution in its Chromebox Mini series – the Chromebox Mini 2. The new iteration builds on the success of its predecessor and promises to be a game-changer in compact computing.

Following in the Success of its Predecessor

The AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 offers reliability at scale across commercial, industrial, and medical applications for kiosk and digital signage.

With a substantially smaller footprint well-suited for hard-to-reach enclosures and kiosks, the AOPEN Chromebox Mini has deployed thousands to the field since its initial launch, providing industry-leading reliability and competitive pricing that translates consistently to superior return on investment.

Like its predecessor, the AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 brings together ChromeOS and AOPEN hardware to deliver performance, reliability, and affordability - across the most challenging, mission-critical scenarios.

Key Design Elements

AC Power Auto Recovery (APAR) – Ensures maintenance-free auto restart for critical kiosk and digital signage applications - a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

External Power Switch – Eliminate the complexities of opening a kiosk or hard-to-reach digital signage when a manual reboot is required.

Military-grade (MIL-STD-810H Certified) – Built to withstand environmental stressors that meet military requirements in the field; performs consistently in extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, and more.

Dual-Band Antenna x 2 – Equipped with dual-band external antennas, the Chromebox Mini 2 maximizes Wi-Fi reach, ensuring high-quality connectivity in large, challenging, or questionable signal areas.

Input/Output & Components – Supports 2 HDMI out up to 4k, Peripheral Support 5 USB Ports, audio jack, 2x dual-band external antennas, Kensington Lock, L Bracket, and VESA Mount (optional), DC Power or USB Type-C.


AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 is a ChromeOS device, enabling scalable deployment for on-site IT teams with zero-touch enrollment and powerful device management with Kiosk & Signage Upgrade, Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, and Chrome Education Upgrade.

> Advanced Security - Kiosk & Signage Upgrade provides IT with powerful security controls to protect your business or school. Prevent data theft by remotely disabling or wiping devices that have been lost or stolen. Place devices in persistent enrollment, ensuring they are always enrolled in management, even if factory reset.
> Simplified Remote Management - Kiosk & Signage Upgrade helps IT simplify management of the organization’s device fleet. IT gains access to device policies and fleet oversight capabilities, all from the easy-to-use, cloud-based Google Admin console.
> Scalable Monitoring & Control - IT can monitor health and operation statuses of all deployed ChromeOS devices and get valuable reports to reduce downtime. Remotely monitor and control devices through Chrome Remote Desktop.
> 24/7 IT admin support - Contact Google for ChromeOS troubleshooting assistance with 24/7 IT admin support.

"AOPEN brings over 200 patents and nearly three decades of experience to its partnership with Google and solution partners in the ChromeOS ecosystem,” said Christopher Longo, Director at AOPEN. “The AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 is future-proofed for disruptive use cases such as Edge AI, smart signage, and seamless kiosk experiences - all of which are at the center of these partner solutions.”

Price & Availability
The AOPEN Chromebox Mini 2 will be available globally in Q1 2024, priced for scalability. Pre-order pricing will be part of a “pull and replace” upgrade campaign.

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About AOPEN:
Over 26 years ago, AOPEN, an Acer Group Company, invented the ultra-small form-factor Mini PC. Today, we offer a Solution-Ready portfolio of commercial, industrial, education, and medical-grade devices ideal for digital signage, drive-thru signage, digital menu boards, kiosk solutions, machine controllers, etc. For more information, visit or contact the AOPEN team at

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