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The National Center for Emotional Wellness: Providing Practical Information, Training, and Support

Emotional Wellness

The National Center for Emotional Wellness

For Healthcare Providers, Organizations, and Corporations

Challenges don't define us. How we respond to them often does.”
— Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D.
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 / -- Technology has advanced faster than people can adapt to it. And the rise of artificial intelligence is exacerbating this trend. Empathic, emotionally connected face-to-face communication has been increasingly replaced with digital messaging, email, and diverse online platforms.

Correlating with the proliferation of technology is an alarming increase in mental health problems. Anxiety has become the most common mental illness in the United States (Anxiety & Depression Association of America, ADAA) and depression is now the leading cause of illness and disability worldwide (World Health Organization, WHO).

Recognizing the urgency to address mental health concerns in the workplace, the WHO called for new measures to tackle mental health issues at work. The National Center for Emotional Wellness (NCEW), the premier organization for healthcare providers, organizations, and corporations, has taken action by providing practical information, training, and support.

According to Mark D. Lerner, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO of the Center, "Emotional wellness refers to an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our feelings and the ability to navigate challenges and change." Lerner further notes that "challenges don't define us. How we respond to them often does."

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