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"Girl in the Leaves": James Glass Unravels a New Chapter in the Acclaimed Rebecca Watson Crime Thriller Series

Cover art of Girl In The Leaves

Book Cover of Girl In The Leaves

Detective Rebecca Watson faces her most personal case yet in James Glass's thrilling 'Girl in the Leaves'.

Unraveling the complexity of crime and human psyche, 'Girl in the Leaves' is a testament to James Glass's mastery in crime thrillers.”
— James C. Glass
FLORIDA PANHANDLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 / -- Celebrated author James Glass returns to the literary spotlight with his latest crime thriller, "Girl in the Leaves," a new addition to his renowned Rebecca Watson Crime Thriller series. This captivating book intertwines intricate crime narratives with profound emotional complexities, establishing Glass as a maestro of the thriller genre.

About the Book:
In "Girl in the Leaves," readers are reintroduced to the relentless and sharp-witted Detective Rebecca Watson. The novel is set against the backdrop of a complex case involving a family's murder-suicide under the Witness Protection Program. The plot escalates when Watson encounters personal challenges linked to her mother’s mysterious past, blurring the lines between her professional and personal life. Glass intricately orchestrates a suspenseful and emotionally driven narrative, taking readers on a journey through the darker corridors of human psychology and crime.

James Glass: A Veteran Writer with a Military Edge
Retired Command Master Chief and esteemed President of the Panhandle Writers Group, James Glass, has an illustrious career that spans both military service and literary acclaim. His military background lends an unparalleled realism to his crime thrillers, resonating authenticity in every line. His body of work, which includes the Mark Wheeler Crime Thrillers and the Kestrel Hitman Series, reflects his skillful storytelling and deep understanding of the law enforcement world.

Engaging Readers with a Powerful Narrative
"Girl in the Leaves" is not just a crime thriller; it's an exploration of the human spirit and the complexities of justice. Glass’s writing captivates readers with its depth, making the novel an ideal read for fans of intricate crime stories and those interested in the psychological aspects of law and order. The book promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, making it a compelling addition to any thriller enthusiast’s collection.

Availability and Accessibility
This latest masterpiece by James Glass is available at major bookstores and online retail platforms, including Barnes & Noble. The novel is easily accessible to a wide array of readers, adding to its growing popularity since its launch.

Community and Literary Contributions
Beyond his writing, James Glass is a significant figure in the literary community, contributing his expertise and experience to aspiring writers and literary enthusiasts. His leadership in the Panhandle Writers Group is a testament to his commitment to nurturing literary talent and promoting the art of storytelling.

Connecting with the Author
Readers and fans can delve deeper into the world of James Glass and his literary journey by visiting his website. The site offers insights into his writing process, upcoming projects, and his remarkable career transition from military service to crime fiction writing.

For media inquiries, interviews, or requests for review copies, please use the provided contact details. Discover the depth of James Glass’s storytelling and explore his impressive collection of works at

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