New Partnerships to Launch Project NILO, Empowering College Athletes to Become Future Business Leaders

Project NILO poster showing how it differs from other NIL programs

The World's Best Connectors LLC is launching Project NILO, a business education program for student athletes. It is partnering with like-minded organizations, such as Success Beyond Game Day.

The cover of Samantha Card's updated Level Up Success Beyond Game Day playbook.

Samantha Card is releasing her updated Level Up Success Beyond Game Day playbook in 2024. Athletes, active service men/women, veterans, CEO’s, corporate athletes and high performance minded individuals can use this step-by-step guide.

A Photo of Denise Meridith, the Founder of The World's Best Connectors and Project NILO.

Denise Meridith, Founder of The World's Best Connectors, is partnering with organizations like Success Beyond Game Day, to create a new generation of business leaders. The public can make tax-deductible donations to the National Tri-Caucus Development Association.

The World's Best Connectors LLC is creating new partnerships among businesses, non-profits, and government to provide business education to college athletes.

With Project NILO, college athletes will explore and develop their entrepreneurial skills, creating a backup plan and a satisfying, viable career after college, whether they ‘go pro’ or not.”
— Denise Meridith
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 / -- The World's Best Connectors LLC (WBC) is a community of CEOs that helps other CEOs enhance their relationships with family, employees, clients, government, and the media. WBC is proud to announce the launch of Project NILO in the first quarter of 2024. This innovative program aims to equip college athletes with the necessary skills and knowledge to become successful business owners in the future.

With Project NILO, WBC is adding “Ownership” to an athlete’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL), for which he/she can now be compensated in college. The Project will provide virtual business education to motivated high school and college athletes, helping them acquire and hone skills such as setting up an LLC or foundation, writing a business plan, and effectively pitching their ideas. This program is a result of the partnership between World's Best Connectors LLC and several prominent business leaders who are passionate about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs.

According to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), less than 2% of college athletes go on to play professionally. “With Project NILO,” says WBC CEO Denise Meridith, “College athletes will explore and develop their entrepreneurial skills, creating a backup plan and a satisfying viable career after college, whether they ‘go pro’ or not.”

Project NILO is open to any student (e.g., male, female, LBGTQIA+, students with disabilities, any race or national origin, etc) in the US, in any sport (e.g., D-1, Olympics, Para-Olympics, etc), in any school. Project NILO will offer information, resources, and education for parents of athletes, as well. Meridith has always been an advocate for family businesses, and, also, for enhancing legacy wealth, which has been especially hard to obtain by people of color. Students who complete the Project NILO curriculum of classes and work study (with sponsoring businesses) will earn their own business licenses.

During her nationwide-spanning, multi-decade career, Meridith has been recognized for her ability to form partnerships to benefit both residents and businesses. On December 20, 2023, Meridith signed an agreement with Samantha Card, an iconic, former NCAA softball player, who went on to become a renown business leader and best-selling author. Card’s organization—Success Beyond Game Day (SBGD)—will be the primary pipeline of talented students for Project NILO. "Samantha Card represents everything we want young athletes to aspire to and to achieve, " Meridith says "Whether or not they pursue a professional sports career after graduation. I cannot think of a better partner to help us help them.”

“SBGD's purpose is to shatter limiting beliefs,” says Card. “Our mission is to reframe athleticism. Our vision is to empower over a billion athletes to extend their impact and skills beyond the game.” She is driven by her passion to ensure that no athlete feels he/she was left behind during and beyond sports.

To pursue those goals, SBGD will first launch a 7-week mind lab, where athletes participate in a value assessment and mindset mapping. This is critical in helping students (and those who will be helping them in the future) identify the values, motivations, aptitudes, and attitudes that will shape or hinder their success. Those who display the aptitude, drive and desire to run their own businesses can then transfer into Project NILO, where they can apply the knowledge and self-awareness, they gained in SBGD to actually designing their own businesses. Among other options SBGD include courses like the “Psychology of Money” and “Tribe through Mentorship.” Project NILO will help recruit students for SBGD, and both organizations will host events and promote all of the programs.

Card has a lot of practical advice for students and businesses alike that she shares during appearances, interviews, and via her updated playbook Level Up Success Beyond Game Day which is coming out in 2024. It is a step by step guide for anyone committed to creating next level impact in their lives.

Another important partner of Project NILO is the National Tri-Caucus Board Development Association (NTCBDA), a 501c3 that secures financial and legal resources for economic development, shaping education, environmental process and cultural spirituality within the Hispanic, African American, Native American, and disenfranchised communities through sustainable partnerships. Companies and individuals who want to sign up to get more information about Project NILO and/or make a tax-deductible contributions to Project NILO can contact NTCBDA Chair Harry Garewal.

Project NILO is seeking more partnerships, sponsorships, and contributions of and for everything from marketing to professional services (legal, printing, wealth management, insurance, IT/AV, etc) to speakers, mentors, and employers for work study assignments. Interested parties should email Meridith directly at

Project NILO and SBGD and their partners will not only benefit college athletes, but also contribute to the growth of the economy by creating a new generation of business leaders for sponsoring companies, and owners, who can hire and mentor others. This program aligns with World's Best Connectors LLC's mission to connect, educate, and empower business leaders to reach their full potential.

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