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CodaPet expands compassionate in-home pet euthanasia services to Raleigh, NC and surrounding cities

CodaPet A Peaceful Passing At Home

CodaPet:  A Peaceful Passing At Home

In Home Pet Euthanasia Mobile Veterinarian

The Veterinarian-Owned startup empowers a network of veterinarians who provide peaceful in-home euthanasia to ease the passing of pets at home.

I decided to offer in-home euthanasia because I firmly believe that everyone, furry or otherwise, deserves to spend their final moments surrounded by the things and people that make them happy.”
— Dr. Jem Scott-Emuakpor.
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2023 / -- CodaPet announced that it is launching in Raleigh, NC. The company provides peaceful in-home pet euthanasia through a network of compassionate and licensed veterinarians who offer end-of-life care for cats, dogs and other animals at home. In-home pet euthanasia is the best experience for pets and their families because their home is where they feel most familiar and comfortable.

“As an in-home euthanasia veterinarian myself, I hear heartfelt appreciation from families I help, when they are able to grant their beloved pet this final gift of love. A peaceful and anxiety-free transition in the familiarity of home is indeed a final gift,” says Dr. Bethany Hsia, co-founder of CodaPet. “I hope that every family in Raleigh is aware that in-home pet euthanasia is an option for when the time comes to say ‘goodbye’ to their beloved pet,.”

Drs Bethany and Gary Hsia joined Dr. Karen Whala as co-founders of CodaPet in order to increase consumer access to compassionate in-home euthanasia and to empower a network of licensed veterinarians to bring compassion and professional care to more pets and their families.

“I decided to offer in-home euthanasia because I firmly believe that everyone, furry or otherwise, deserves to spend their final moments surrounded by the things and people that make them happy. Our furry companions need a comfortable and loving farewell,” says Dr. Jem Scott-Emuakpor.

Dr. Scott-Emuakpor earned her veterinary degree from Michigan State University. Her passion extends to exotic pets, and she has shared her life with an array of fascinating creatures, from iguanas and hedgehogs to mice, rats, and pythons. Following graduation, Dr. Scott-Emuakpor started in private practice before venturing into civil service and eventually launching a mobile pet grooming business.

A turning point came to her when she witnessed my neighbors struggle to transport their elderly dog for a final procedure. It dawned on her that there was a crucial need for in-home euthanasia services. She firmly believes that our furry companions should spend their final moments in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by the familiar warmth of loved ones.

Dr. Scott-Emuakpor services Raleigh, NC and surrounding cities including Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, Burlington, Wake Forest, Clayton, Sanford

How In-home Pet Euthanasia Works

Through CodaPet's website, pet parents can easily book in-home pet euthanasia performed by a licensed vet.

Before the appointment, the vet contacts the family to address any questions or concerns they might have.

The vet assists the family by going over the diagnosis and applying a quality-of-life assessment to objectively assess the pet's health and ensure there is no uncertainty about the need for euthanasia.

For those who need support with aftercare, CodaPet can also assist with transportation and cremation services.

The visit takes, on average, one hour. Pet parents have a window of time to be with their pets privately before and after the euthanasia procedure, which lasts about 15 minutes. The vet only starts the euthanasia process when everyone is ready. This helps bring closure to all family members involved in the end-of-life care of a pet.

Benefits of In-home Pet Euthanasia include:

1. Familiar and Comfortable Environment: One of the primary advantages of in-home euthanasia is that it allows pets to remain in a familiar and comfortable environment during their final moments. Being in a place they know well can help reduce anxiety and fear, providing a sense of security and peace. This can be particularly beneficial for pets who may be stressed or anxious when visiting a veterinary clinic.

2.. Reduced Stress and Anxiety: For many pets, visiting a veterinary clinic can be a source of stress and anxiety. The unfamiliar smells, sounds, and sights can cause fear and discomfort, making the euthanasia process more challenging for both the animal and their owner. In-home euthanasia eliminates these stressors, allowing pets to be in a calm and relaxed state during their last moments.

3. More Time for Goodbyes: In a veterinary clinic setting, there may be time constraints due to the need to accommodate other appointments. In-home euthanasia allows for more flexibility, ensuring that there is ample time for owners to say their final goodbyes and spend quality time with their pets before and after the procedure. This additional time can be invaluable in the grieving process and can help facilitate closure.

4. Control Over the Process: In-home euthanasia provides pet owners with a greater sense of control over the entire process. They can choose the timing, location, and atmosphere in which their pet's life will end. This control can help alleviate feelings of helplessness and allow owners to feel more empowered during a challenging and emotional time.

5. Privacy and Dignity: In-home euthanasia allows pets to pass away peacefully in the presence of their loved ones, maintaining their dignity until the very end. The privacy of home euthanasia ensures that the process remains intimate and personal, allowing owners to grieve without feeling rushed or exposed.

6. Minimized Travel Discomfort: For pets who are experiencing pain or discomfort, traveling to a veterinary clinic can exacerbate their condition. In-home euthanasia eliminates the need for transportation, reducing any potential discomfort or stress associated with traveling. This is particularly beneficial for pets with mobility issues or those in advanced stages of illness.

In-home Pet Euthanasia Costs

The starting price of in-home euthanasia starts at $350 in Raleigh, NC. Aftercare and cremation price begins at $175 but varies depending on factors such as the driving distance, the pet's size, and the option for private or communal cremation.

About CodaPet

CodaPet is expanding quickly and currently supports a network of veterinarians that offer peaceful at-home pet euthanasia services over 30 cities. Our network of compassionate and licensed veterinarians are available to help your beloved pet pass peacefully surrounded by family and all the safety and comforts of home. For more information or to schedule an appointment visit or call 1-833-CodaPet. CodaPet is expanding rapidly; if you are a veterinarian interested in learning more or offering this service in your area, please visit

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CodaPet: A Peaceful Passing At Home